How to Solve a Problem


This thing called ‘problem’, where is this thing called ‘problem’ coming from? In all situations, the mind says ‘this is the problem’, and, you have to deal with it, and why? For the mind to stay important always. Situations keep shifting, one leads to the other. There are two possibilities of human existence, one is ‘happiness’ and another is ‘sorrow’. No situation stays forever. So, the mind always cooks on something and says ‘hey look here, this is a problem’. A problem comes out of expectations. Mind expects happiness and rejects pain all the time. Whatever we reject – stays. What we accept, it comes and goes and it merges with us. Whenever we look at our life, we should look at how much we are rejecting or what we are afraid of? That is what stays with us. What we love is our state. If we are happy with something, we will not even know if that stays. It will be staying silently. Whenever, we resist something for a long period of time, especially if we do not agree with any of our weaknesses.It stays. It is not that we don’t have strengths. We have strengths and we have weaknesses and we should have them both. All of us, 7.5 billion people in the world have both strengths and weaknesses. And that is the way it is. Now if we say, ‘I have no weaknesses – we are lying, aren’t we? So, we try our best to cover up all our weaknesses and show only strengths. For this we have to put masks and be hypocrites. This is exactly what creates situations or problems.If we are natural, if we are spontaneous, If we are being ourselves, nothing stays as a problem.There will be situations but we will easily float through all situations. Because, we are not bound by their results.When we accept it all. Situations will happen. We will ‘respond’. Whenever we resist, there is a violence. There is a pain connected to it. But if we be love and if we look at everybody as ourselves, we only see ourselves. Actually, there is nothing apart from us in this world. All the people we come across or all the situations we handle in a day, are all our reflections. When we have tremendous fear about something, that thing comes to us because we attract it.It is the same as love. When we love something, especially when we love ourselves and accept ourselves, we attract all the goodness of the world. When we store more and we are reluctant to share, we express poverty. What do we get then from the world? ‘Poverty’, the state of being poor. So, this is how it works. We should look at life from a very large perspective. We need to understand that everything is our reflection. We created the whole thing and then there is no good or bad here, no dos and don’ts. I always say,that there is only one thing which I don’t like in this world which… I don’t recommend to any of the people who follow me, is violence – in thoughts, words and actions. Otherwise, everything is ok. Why I say, violence is not good is because it creates a kind of effect.
When we are angry with somebody, we are actually angry with ourselves. Where does anger come from? – Some disappointment and disappointment is rooted in expectation. If, I do not expect anything from you.I can love you without a reason. It’s beautiful, you know, you can love somebody without a reason, that’s amazing.
But, if I expect something from you, then, I’m already thinking, calculating, planning, judging, all those things happen, we contaminate the whole system- Right? So, first and foremost, understand, there are no problems anywhere except in the mind. That too, only when we are awake. When we are dreaming the same problem doesn’t exist. When we are in deep sleep, no problems exist. When you wake up you bring up the problems. You know, everything is a situation, which you must handle because you brought them to reality, maybe not consciously. Even unconsciously. Like a thing you watch on television and you get deeply involved with that and then you attract that emotion into you and that will probably reflect in your life. You may not have experienced it yourself per se, but what happened on the television you thought it is yours. You capture that feeling inside, it can happen like that. We are like sponge. So, living kindness, living compassion has a great and deep value, and it has got a lot of power. It can change the collective consciousness. The vibrations change, frequencies change. With your life, that’s the best message. Life is our biggest Guru. Life is the greatest teacher. Nobody can give us abetter lesson than life. Love yourself,that is the thing which you should do. That is the practice which you must do and always believe that God is inside you.You talk to a God outside. Attributing that something else will come and give you something, but that’s not the truth.
You receive everything from Earth as you are. Exactly, as you are. Your destiny is as you are. Not what you are – as exactly as you are. Not what you demand or what you ask for. Everything comes to you if you are peaceful, peace comes to you. If you are accepting yourself – acceptance comes to you, if you love yourself – love comes to you. When you love yourself you can’t judge anybody, because you see yourself all around.
When you judge yourself, you judge others. See, when you criticize yourself, you’ll start criticizing others too. And you’ll see problems everywhere: ‘all people are not good – I am good’.
Is that possible? See, it is all reflections. You have every right to be absolute love. Nobody can take it away from you. Even if you are in the worst situations.
One example, I love to quote: there was a huge tsunami hit in Japan, a few years ago. The children were in school, small children like 4 or 5 years old, and they had with them their little food and water bottles, and as salt water came into city, there was no water to drink. These children shared their fresh water with others without anybody telling them to do so. You see, that’s exactly what we are. The children know it, when did we stop knowing all this? Small things, important things, when did we decide we are adults -are we?