How to Lose Upper Body Fat: Tone Your Upper Body in 2 Weeks

Having upper body fat can affect our self-confidence. You can’t wear fitted clothing because of that bulging belly fat. So, if you’re wondering how to get rid of excess body fat, there are different ways.

Remember that you cannot lose fat in one area, but developing and toning the muscle in your upper body can help create a toned appearance. While you’re busy looking for the best exercises to help sculpt your arms and tone your belly fat, the key here is to lower your overall body fat percentage to see achievable results.

Get started by adopting a holistic strategy, which entails increasing your general physical activity and following a strict balanced diet. Hence, here are the ways to lose upper body fat:

How to Lose Upper Body Fat in 2 Weeks

Losing stored fat from the upper body requires a few different approaches. You need to do some cardio workout routine to target the areas that store fat. Exercise your chest, arms, and even your back to make your muscle tone and eliminate that back fat.

Moreover, eating a healthy diet ensures that all your hard work will not go to waste.

Do cardio exercises

According to IrnPost, Running is an excellent cardio exercise if you can’t get to the gym. It is a high-impact cardio activity that doesn’t require any equipment. It does not matter how quick you run as long as you exceed your usual walking speed.

Another way to burn fat aside from running is cycling. It provides similar exercise to running but with less strain on the legs. You may cycle using a stationary bike or go for an outdoor bike. If it’s too easy, you can adjust the resistance on your bike.

Swim to work out your whole body. This activity exercises the muscles throughout the body, which helps burn fat. You may swim different strokes to provide variation, such as freestyle combined with butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke.

A certified personal trainer determines the amount of time you can swim, but generally, you can start with 20 to 30 minutes three days a week. Meanwhile, if you lack the stamina for a lengthier workout, take a 20 to 45-minute stroll. You can walk outdoors inside your home on the treadmill.

Exercise your chest and arms

To tone your muscles requires strength training exercises. Below are upper body exercises that promote strength training:

Dumbbell bench press

This exercise should be performed three times for 8 to 10 repetitions. If you feel a little resistance to the weight you are using at the beginning, readjust your weights.


  1. On a flat surface or exercise bench, lie on your back. Then raise the dumbbells to your chest, shoulder width apart and palms facing each other.
  2. Rotate your arms so your palms face out, and your forearm and upper arm form a 90-degree angle.
  3. Exhale as you push the dumbbells up with your chest muscles, then at the peak of the push, lock your arms, then breathe.
  4. Reduce the weights gradually as you inhale.

Incline push-ups


  1. In front of a bench, take a position. Arrange your hands wider than shoulder-width apart on the bench.
  2. Return your feet to the platform so your torso and arms are straight.
  3. Keep a straight posture as you carefully lower yourself to the platform or bench’s edge. Raise your body and extend your arms fully. Repeat for three sets.

Bicep curls


  1. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbow at the sides, and then your forearms should extend out in front. Slightly bent your knees.
  2. Bring the dumbbell up to your shoulders by bending your elbows. Once at the top, hold it for a second by squeezing the muscle.
  3. Reverse the curl slowly, then repeat.

Sculpt your back muscles

To get rid of upper back fat, you must do back exercises that target the lower back muscles, including the obliques and extensors.

Side jackknife


  1. Lie on your right side. Then put your legs over each other.
  2. Put your left hand behind your head. Squeeze your obliques as you draw your left leg toward your left arm.
  3. Bring the bent left arm toward your left knee. Repeat three to four times before switching to the other side.

Aside from exercise, maintaining poor posture and wearing loose clothing can help prevent back fat. It’s because clothing that doesn’t fit can make your back bulge or appear lumpy.

Eat a healthy diet

For effective weight loss, consume three well-balanced meals to help you lessen your abdominal fat. To remedy weight gain, it isn’t about restricting your calorie intake. Instead, each meal should include a variety of whole grains, lean protein, dietary fiber, and healthy fats.


For instance, Blanca Garcia, a nutrition specialist, considers a balanced meal includes roasted chicken breast, steamed veggies, and a cup of brown rice. Put an end to processed food, junk food, and sugary food. Instead, replace it with low-calorie foods like oats, greek yogurt, berries, and chia seeds.


Included in the healthy diet are proper sleep and stress management. Sleep deprivation or poor-quality sleep has been linked to a high body mass index (BMI) and weight gain.

Use fat-burning supplements

The fitness industry has been introducing weight loss supplements to help in weight loss. They are described as nutrition supplements that can help increase metabolism, reduce fat absorption, or help the body burn more fat for energy.

However, expert views on the page show that fat burner supplements won’t solve the problem alone. It should be combined with a proper diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle to make it effective.

Moreover, before taking these supplements, seek professional medical advice, as some of their ingredients could interact with your current medication and health status.

Why Do I Store Upper Body Fat?

One of the biggest reasons you store body fat and gain weight in a specific area, like your upper back fat, is hormones. The hormone level indicates how much fat you have and where it sits on the body.

Knowing the specific hormone can help determine what to do about your upper body fat.

  • Cortisol: Also known as the stress hormone. It directly influences the amount of fat in your belly. Of course, other external factors, such as stress and poor diet, contribute to belly fat.
  • Thyroxine: This is the hormone that contributes to upper back fat. If you have upper back fat, try eating cruciferous vegetables and avoid gluten and soy products.
  • Estrogen: Increased level of estrogen leads to the development of arm fat. The primary female sex hormone causes this fat to build up and can be challenging to eliminate.


Losing fat from your upper body can seem daunting, but the right combination of diet, physical exercise, and healthy habits can make it possible.

If you’re concerned about your weight, seek professional medical advice, they can give you advice on how to lose weight safely.