How Does a Double Door Refrigerator Work? Know the Pros and Cons

Double door refrigerators now outnumber single door models by a wide margin, and you may be asking why and if you should get one. While double-door refrigerators are frequently more expensive than single door refrigerators, there are a few ways to reduce the cost. Pick a good high energy rating model, for example, to reduce the cost of increased electricity because your refrigerator remains on all time, even when you’re on vacation.

How does a double door refrigerator work?

A double door fridge comes equipped with cooling fans and frost-free technology. Food is preserved for a longer time in double-door refrigerators than in single-door refrigerators due to the improved cooling action, ensuring that food stays edible and nutritious for a longer time.

Pros of double door refrigerators

A double door fridge is a popular choice with buyers today as it offers the following advantages.

Storage space

A double door refrigerator has a high storage capacity, with larger shelves to accommodate bigger vessels and higher in-door brackets to accommodate bottles. A double door fridge, with capacities ranging from 235 to 495 liters, is ideal for a household of three to five people. Compared to single door choices, this enables you to fit all your foods into one unit.

Separate freezer

The freezer is housed in a separate section, opening into a double door refrigerator. A double door refrigerator always offers a bigger freezer area for storing frozen vegetables, fruits, and meats. Because the freezer is used less frequently and has a separate door, it is generally left shut for long periods, which aids in keeping the cold temperature and preserving your stored foods.

Better cooling

The primary function of a refrigerator is to keep food chilled while maintaining sanitation and nutrition. The best double door fridges from companies like Whirlpool and Samsung are designed specifically for this purpose. You can easily find a double door Samsung or Whirlpool fridge under ₹25,000, with the Samsung 253 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator and the Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator being great picks.


A double door refrigerator’s chilling is consistent, and since you open the necessary door, whether it’s the freezer or the stable, the chilling behind the shut door is undisturbed. By doing this, you avoid wasting energy. Additionally, each section of the fridge is properly refrigerated to its requirements without interference from nearby sections.


Frost-free technology, found in the best double door fridge, prevents ice and frost from forming all around the side walls and shelves of the refrigerator. Doing this can save the extra work of turning off the fridge, defrosting it, and finding somewhere else to store items while the refrigerator is off. Then there is the problem of the ice melting, covering the floor and needing to be cleaned up.

Cons of double door refrigerators

Among the most popular fridge of today is the double door model. Double door fridges have particular advantages of their own. However, there are a few drawbacks as well. Let’s examine them to help us decide more carefully.

  • Refrigerators with two doors are designed for big families. A double door fridge is not ideal for a small home of two to three people. Double door refrigerators are unduly expensive and inefficient in terms of energy use.
  • Double door fridges are expensive, starting at ₹20,000.
  • Large capacity double door refrigerators range in size from 235 to 500 liters. These fridges are not the greatest option if you need a lower power.
  • Because of their size, double door refrigerators utilize a lot of electricity. Expect it to cost 20–30% more than a refrigerator with a single door.
  • Double door refrigerators demand a larger foot space. Ensure you have enough room in your kitchen or home to accommodate double-door refrigerators.
  • All double door refrigerators use the frost-free setting. Unlike direct cool technology, frost-free operation necessitates automated fans to circulate the cool air, increasing electricity usage by 30 to 50%.


If you want to upgrade your old fridge with a completely new double door fridge with cutting-edge technologies, or if you are merely buying it for the first time, you should consider some of the key elements stated in the article before pulling the trigger.