Hotel KC Residency launches Food Festival ‘Fusion Feast’

Management and chefs displaying cuisines to be served during Food Festival. - Excelsior/Rakesh
Management and chefs displaying cuisines to be served during Food Festival. - Excelsior/Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 23: Hotel KC Residency has launched eleven day Food Festival ‘Fusion Feast’, which started from today and will conclude on 3rd July 2022.
The buffet spread will feature mélange of Indian, Oriental and continental cuisines with culinary delicacies prepared and presented by Chef Kaushal Sharma and his expert team ready to deliver a menu mix with modern street style bites from across the world with a fusion twist.
Fusion cuisine is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions that originate from different countries, regions, or cultures. They can occur naturally and become aspects of culturally relevant cuisines. Fusion cooking relates and essentially is the combination of one or more cooking traditions, techniques or disciplines to form an altogether different approach or finished dish. Although fusion cooking became fashionable and ostensibly popular during the 1970s, the simple reality is that fusion cooking has been around for millennia. Ever since the earliest migrations of human beings, who carried their cooking knowledge and techniques with them too far off lands, cooking has been subjected to an amalgamation of techniques and adapted to suit the availability of ingredients in those new lands,
During this eleven day long feast, a wide variety of dishes inspired by a combination of various regional cuisines with new ideas will be featured. To name a few luscious appetizers like Moroccan lamb kebab, harissa fish tikka, oriental tandoori chicken, pesto malai chicken tikka, tandoori momos, cheese drum shell rolls, peri peri champ, main dishes like grilled chicken m akhani, Asian Iamb stew, cottage cheese soya coriander and for the sweet tooth confections like pannacotta tart, phirnee tart, wine glazed apples and omali will be on the spread.
“Fusion cooking can even be employed as a means of subtly introducing new food concepts to the masses. This festival has a dynamic food heritage inherited from its native flavors and the many world culinary concepts”, said Rahul Jandial, Corporate General Manager, KC Hotels Private Limited.
“Our chefs have involved some of the best recipes for our guests to relish. We hope everyone will have wonderful dining experience with soothing music and enjoy themselves in the comforting and relaxed ambience of The Terrace Skylounge”, he added.