Monday Nov 24-2014

Aries : You will bring out your maps and magnifying glass today as you want to explore and investigate. Also, you remain touchy. Anyone who gets in your way will face your ire. Ganesha suggests that you be sensitive to your loved ones.

Taurus : You are likely to have differences with your parents in the early hours of the day. Ganesha urge you not to quarrel or confront them. Do not retaliate in any way. Act decent and discreet. Respect their views, wishes and sentiments. Be careful. You may have health problems later in the day. If your health does deteriorate, do not take things casually. Don’t think twice. Go consult a medical specialist without delay.

Gemini : Emotional and material security will hold equal importance today. You want to be in love, but you know that love can’t buy you dough. If you are a student, today you will make crucial choices concerning higher studies, predicts Ganesha

Cancer : A day of challenges, but you will be ambitious and bold to surmount them. Yet you will not cross limits. Your evocation to God will repel all hurdles and grant you energy. Health will be good. A fabulous time, says Ganesha.

Leo : The stars bring out the best in the artist hidden inside you. It may not be a Picasso or a Rembrandt, but nonetheless, today, your work shall stand out as exceptional. Ganesha foresees an afternoon spent in making use of the excellent communication and oratorical skills that you possess. When at work, you shall bring with you a spirit full of energy and enthusiasm that spreads exuberance in spite of others’ criticism. The best way to silence your critics is to do what you do, and do it well!

Virgo : Today, you will be the epitome of sincerity and a model of punctuality. But caution should be the key word, warns Ganesha. Pay attention to the finer details and the finest of prints when it comes to contracts. Prevention is better than cure, says Ganesha.

Libra : Respect at work is yours to command, as you come across strongly in a manner like never before, predicts Ganesha. You have the tenacity to bring in a new and successful business strategy. But it’s not all work and no play for you today. In the evening, you will delight and dazzle your spouse with your fine sense of styling and taste. After all, one must dress to impress!

Scorpio : A long, drab, dull day awaits you, says Ganesha. Business may not see any major loss today. Later, perhaps, you may feel lost and want to be left alone. The thought of people abandoning you may cross your mind many a times. But don’t lose heart — every new day brings with it new tidings, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Your genial nature and charming smile will captivate many of the opposite sex. Your colleagues will employ your skills to their benefit. Later in the evening, a stroll with your sweetheart will sugar your mood and fill your heart with ecstasy.

Capricorn : You will carve a niche in the area of your interest and will be recognised for your hard work, says Ganesha. For the enterprising lot, long-standing disputes with rivals will come to an end, and you will not only learn to take criticisms in your stride but will also respect your opponents’ opinions. They, on the other hand, will realise that you have an edge over them in terms of strategy and resources.

Aquarius : Artists, orators, musicians, your talent may finally see recognition. Even criticism won’t ruffle you a bit. At work, you will remain your enthusiastic and exuberant self. Ganesha says it’s your moment, and you should bask in it.

Pisces : Financially, you will be treading cautiously today. Savings will take precedence over indulgences. You are likely to invest in debt instruments over equities. New business proposals may come your way in the afternoon. Cultural and social activities will keep you occupied as well, says Ganesha.



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