Aries : You are in a mood to meditate or be alone. It may have arisen from some disappointment, says Ganesha, but you should honour it. It may even be a dynamic session of meditation involving painting, dancing, humming, or simply watching the world pass by.

Taurus : This day your energy levels are likely to be below par. You may tend to be restless, inactive, and averse to exerting yourself in any way. Routine tasks, even the important ones could remain unattended. But, says Ganesha, you will try to pull yourself together later in the day, make amends by trying to do something meaningful. Towards this end, success will smile upon you.

Gemini : You will feel happy and content with your life today. However, you need to co-operate with others and help them with their troubles as well as maintain an attitude of friendliness. You need to guard against being selfish and looking after only your own interests, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will decide to expose certain unreasonable conventions and traditions, and you will be able to do so successfully, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may incur the displeasure of your bosses. In the evening, you will be able to draw pleasure from whatever you do.

Leo : You will be immersed in love and romance today. You will likely gift that special someone with something that will sweep them off their feet. Your behaviour with others will be kind and gentle, however, you may lose your temper due to some events which may occur in the later part of the day. Keep your temper in check. A day of mixed results awaits, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Your gallantry will serve to impress the gallery; but chances are certain things could well spoil the show, says Ganesha. On reflecting within, find a great deal of improvement in your inner self. Children will broaden that smile with their antics.

Libra : All achievements are scripted. So, share the blueprint of your success with others today. Ganesha expects you to be obedient and cooperative at work in the afternoon; as a result, your social connections will grow miraculously in the evening. The key is in splitting time perfectly between the two. Guess this is exactly what they mean when they say, business as well as pleasure.

Scorpio : Today, Ganesha anticipates you to be a media mogul in your own unique way. Your flock will laud your skills and talents. But you may shell out an extra buck to get what you want today. Ganesha sees an extraordinary bond soldering you and your spouse closer than before.

Sagittarius : Today, you will probably emerge as the victorious gladiator in the arena of sports and games, says Ganesha. But later in the day, some hurdles may come across your path. At your desk, your bosses might just lend you a helping hand to assist you to finish off pending jobs.

Capricorn : Your spouse would have complained innumerable times, accusing you of being unconcerned and giving priority to work. Today, he/she will be all smiles, for Ganesha says there are chances you will take your sweetheart out on a pleasure trip. At work, you will be a winner, outdoing your competitors and bagging plaudits from your boss, but don’t let this sudden success get to your head. You still have a long way to go.

Aquarius : You will finally make an effort to get in touch with old friends. At work, you find your public relation skills suddenly enhanced and even your rivals salute you! Naturally, the happiest is your beloved, who appreciates all the things you say. Enjoy it while it lasts, says Ganesha.

Pisces : While a day filled with a lot of stress awaits you at the workplace, you will still be able to come out ahead of the competition on account of your sheer brilliance and your powers of persuasion. You will receive many accolades for the way you tackle your projects today, says Ganesha.