Aries : Today, you will meet with success, and you do it on your own merit, without any divine intervention. You may be a student of science or arts, but you will excel due to your deep knowledge of the subject. There are chances you may decide to study further, says Ganesha.

Taurus : As an administrator, you will command with an iron fist today, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may find change slowly creeping in; you may discover a more harmonious approach to managing people as compared to a dictatorial style. You will come out with flying colours from any adverse situations.

Gemini : You are likely to take your time and read a situation carefully before you take any important decisions, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may go on a pleasure trip to recharge your batteries.

Cancer : As a leader, you may deal with others with an iron hand masked under a velvet glove. You may come across as lenient and considerate on the face of it, but you will not spare anyone who crosses you. This may change as the day passes, but your colleagues and subordinates will be wary of you for the remainder of the day.

Leo : Necessity is the mother of invention, and today, you will draw from your large pool of scientific and technological knowledge to achieve your goals at work. Family matters will keep you occupied in the afternoon, but do not let that come in the way of your evening activities that get your blood flowing through the veins, such as dance or music lessons. Also, Ganesha reminds you to make an effort to touch base with your foreign contacts.

Virgo : Take stock of the situation you are in. Assess first and only then make a move, cautions Ganesha. In the afternoon, get footloose and relieve yourself of the cramped and overworked environment of your desk. But bid your time on bids and sealed tenders using all of your experience and business sense, says Ganesha.

Libra : You may get caught up in relationship issues today, foretells Ganesha. But your discretionary powers will help you steer clear of any misconceptions. Be willing to dig up the maximum support from your subordinates at work, but also keep an eye out on your opponents’ moves. It always helps to know what others are up to!

Scorpio : Chances are your beloved will share the most intimate vibes with you today, says Ganesha. The entire day shall be quiet and peaceful. Ganesha hopes your skilled negotiation will rescue you from being short changed.

Sagittarius : A poignant and disturbing day is in the offing. At work, Lady Luck will be on your team. Don’t let your sentiments cloud your logic though, says Ganesha. In relationship matters, don’t keep high expectation, as they may put you under tremendous pressure.

Capricorn : You will do a commendable job solving complicated problems at work, says Ganesha. In keeping with the circumstances, you will be spontaneous in coming up with solutions to pressing issues; and so accurate you may be in your assumptions about a likely situation that in future, your peers and subordinates will blindly accept whatever proposal you table. A news from outside the country can double your joys.

Aquarius : You need a break! Plan a trip, go for a movie, join a weekend meditation retreat. You may be burning yourself out. A little holiday will get you going once again. If nothing else, a game of tennis, or a brisk walk in the evening should do the trick.

Pisces : Today, you are likely to sign new agreements and ink new contracts, which will later prove to be milestones in your path to progress. Your financial position is also likely to grow stronger, and your savings ought to become more robust, planning as you are for future exigencies, says Ganesha.