Aries : You will be in a tight fix as the day starts. However, that’s exactly the kind of situation in which your skills are tested. In the evening you will draw a lot of praise for your excellent performance. If Ganesha chooses to shower his blessings on you, you will sign new deals.

Taurus : This day is meant for taking some time out from your busy schedule, and seeking some fun and relaxation. So says Ganesha. It is possible that you will be getting together with your friends and family members for a fun filled evening followed by a great dinner and a late night movie. The strong urge to eat hot, spicy and delicious dishes is surely going to get the better of you. So go ahead and have fun.

Gemini : You are likely to be in a romantic mood today. You may just end up falling in love today. A difficult situation will bring out the competitive streak in you and spur you on to physical and mental excellence. Your capacity and intelligence will be testified to by your work, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will focus on financial matters and plan accordingly. Compared to expenses, you will save more. A beneficial day for cashiers, money lenders and petty traders. Ganesha counsels hard work to achieve success.

Leo : You will be unable to express the feelings that rise up inside you in spite of wanting to. However, keep them close to your heart. You will be very serious about your work today. There is a possibility of some delay in your schedule today due to unforeseen problems, says Ganesha.

Virgo : You will remain engrossed in personal matters at the cost of professionalism. Solve your problems today by taking them head-on. Ganesha warns you not to let your emotions suppress your enterprising spirit, especially in the evening.

Libra : Ganesha advises you not to take stress about small issues or matters. To avoid tension and to gain mental peace it is advised you perform yoga or meditation. There will be pressure put on you regarding certain matters at the work-front. You should take decisions regarding critical matters only after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

Scorpio : Thank Ganesha that you have the grace to handle pressure at work, because today, you are going to be bogged down with a lot of work pressure. By the end of the day, try some stress bursting activities like yoga, meditation of listening to soft music.

Sagittarius : Ganesha predicts a day full of romantic developments today. Mushy talks and whispering sweet nothings in your beloved’s ears may give you little joys of life. However, brace yourselves as there are times when relationships do not workout, and you may experience this soon.

Capricorn : Your lover is in for many pleasant surprises today. You’ll be in a completely romantic mood, making every wish of your sweetheart your command. Both of you will go shopping, and have fun. Extravagant expenditures will keep you charged up for the day. You will achieve what you had wanted, that is the happiness of your sweetheart. Towards the end of the day, however, you will regret for letting yourself burn a hole in your pocket, feels Ganesha.

Aquarius : Travelling is on the cards for you today. Ganesha advises you to travel alone, because if you take people with different tastes along with you, their preferences may dampen your mood and spoil the trips. But, once put in such a situation, you will try to adjust yourself and find enjoyment in that, too. Your biggest plus point is the ability to convert your shortcoming into strength.

Pisces : Your planetary configuration not being favorable, you are advised not to start any new projects today. The benefits accrued by any project you take up today might not justify the risks associated with it. Businessmen need to be extra careful in all their dealings. Personal life should be peaceful with Ganesha’s blessings.