Daily Horoscope
Monday, 27 September 2021

Aries : Today, you will crave total freedom in whatever you are doing, says Ganesha. And sheer entertainment is on the cards for teenyboppers, like mall-hopping or going for a film. The kids will demand a Jumbo Berry ice cone. All in all, it will be a family day for you.

Taurus : You will wake up feeling determined and decisive today, says Ganesha. Be careful as your rigid views may make you seem stubborn. You may not be willing to come half way during a conflict and will make a habit of articulating your viewpoint. Tension at the workplace will eat through most of your time today, feels Ganesha.

Gemini : The day promises sensitivity and compassion for you, predicts Ganesha. You may plan a trip with your family members. You may also invest your money in various financial companies, as securing the future of your family will be foremost on your mind. Moreover, you will also save some hefty amount to meet future needs.

Cancer : It is high time that you dedicated yourself to your work. If you are looking to try new things, today may not be a very good day to do so. Stick to doing things the way you have been doing them so far, advises Ganesha. All you need is a little attitude adjustment. Today, you are likely to meet an old friend and you will get busy reminiscing about your time together.

Leo : You might be the man of the house, but to make that house a home, you need a family. So keep that in mind, says Ganesha, and remember that your family is the foundation of your success. Make every possible effort to make your family’s roots stronger. The fruits of such efforts shall only be sweeter. It’s time to stop being stingy with giving credit. Appreciate what others do and it shall only come back to you in double. Similarly, Ganesha reminds, ‘Troubles shared are troubles halved!’

Virgo : Today might just bring those emotions to the fore that have been lying in the closet of your heart since long. You will even develop a bonding – a sentimental attachment – with your belongings. But, if and when you don’t find the surroundings to your liking, you shall be like a fish out of the water.

Libra : Unleash the artist in you today! Don’t be surprised if you happen to discover a love for the fine arts. The stars bestow on you refined aesthetic sense. As a result, your penchant for interior decoration is sure to get a boost. There is also the possibility of you capitalising on the commercial aspect of your newly acquired hobby, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : Family matters have been screaming for long for your attention now. Your estranged spouse may deal the final blow to sever all ties, foretells Ganesha. But keep calm, and hold that tongue, advises Ganesha. Your priority should be to secure your family’s peace.

Sagittarius : Expect a call to late-night revelry and a chance to binge. But you don’t seem to be in the mood to let your hair loose and party, says Ganesha. However tempting it may be, your serious side will take over and you shall deny the offer. No wonder they like that sensible head on your shoulders.

Capricorn : You will start the day with verve and vigour, and will appear a completely different person at work. There will be a discernible change in your way of working, especially in terms of the level of energy and concentration you will put in. The switch to the new strategy will better your performance considerably and will make you feel that it was a good change after all. By the end of the day, all that you would want is a nice break to unwind, says Ganesha.

Aquarius : A productive day, as you will receive unrestrained support from your bosses and colleagues. Your creativity will reach its zenith and the resulting work will augment your reputation. The day will seem complete when you spend quality time with your family in the evening, says Ganesha.

Pisces : Happiness shared is double the joy; sorrows shared are half the burden. Your family is the foundation of your success, and it is to them you will turn to in times of failure as well. With their support, getting back to the top of the game will take no time, says Ganesha.