Tuesday  Nov 24-2020

Aries : Friends, friends, and more friends — that’s what the day will be all about. Life seems to be one big party, even if all you’re doing is having tea together! But reserve the evening for that one special friend, suggests Ganesha.

Taurus : As an administrator, you will command with an iron fist today, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may find change slowly creeping in; you may discover a more harmonious approach to managing people as compared to a dictatorial style. You will come out with flying colours from any adverse situations.

Gemini : Today, you will be at complete peace with yourself and your surroundings. So, it is rather unlikely that you will give in to provocations and lose your temper. Health of a family member may cause some anxiety, but more or less, you will remain unperturbed by the world.

Cancer : Your peers will be impressed by your professional efficiency today, forecasts Ganesha. You had better postpone auction bids or sealed tenders for some other day. You are likely to do well in interviews, says Ganesha.

Leo : It’s an early thanksgiving for you today, says Ganesha, as you feel full of the spirit of joy and blessing. Academically, this might push you towards developing a penchant for subjects like philosophy and metaphysics. Culturally, this translates into a desire to learn and hone your creative skills. Make the best of this fruitful day and remember to thank God for the mercies and magnanimity bestowed upon you.

Virgo : The tempest of anger runs wild. You are most likely to blow hotter than Mount Vesuvius ever did, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may chalk out a big business plan. Peers will stand by your side at the workplace. But in the evening, try spending your time meditating and cooling those nerves, advises Ganesha.

Libra : Think long and hard about all things past, present and future, says Ganesha, since there are chances that you may be in a pensive mood today. Try your best to step out of your brooding frame of mind. You might have to manage balancing your personal and professional life. But, your business will progress as expected. So relax, and look forward to an evening that promises to be a pleasant one, especially in the company of a special person of the opposite sex.

Scorpio : Your entrepreneurship today will reflect a lot of your creativity and artistic sense. Romantic diversions will bring you immense pleasure in the afternoon. Have your close friends over in the evening and spend some quality time, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : A poignant and disturbing day is in the offing. At work, Lady Luck will be on your team. Don’t let your sentiments cloud your logic though, says Ganesha. In relationship matters, don’t keep high expectation, as they may put you under tremendous pressure.

Capricorn : You may have a good control over your temper, but Ganesha says you are very likely to lose it today, and most likely, at work. For this one day, think before you say anything and avoid getting into any sort of arguments or scuffle. Make sure you take measured steps, for it may not be a very good day, but you can do your bit to prevent it from getting worse.

Aquarius : You need a break! Plan a trip, go for a movie, join a weekend meditation retreat. You may be burning yourself out. A little holiday will get you going once again. If nothing else, a game of tennis, or a brisk walk in the evening should do the trick.

Pisces : Your social standing ought to receive a boost today, and the financial success coming your way today plays no small part in it, says Ganesha. You may find yourself enjoying your own company in the afternoon, but come evening, you are likely to find yourself indulging in some intellectual discussion in the company of like-minded people.