Friday Aug  21-2020

Aries : If you’re a sporty one, then today is positively your day! Make the most of it, as an unexpected turn of events may turn out to your advantage. You’re wise and know perfectly well how to blend business and pleasure, says Ganesha.

Taurus : In all probability, the fair sex will have a wonderful time in kitchen and at the dining table, foresees Ganesha. You may have family friends and close relatives coming over to your place in the evening. Romance will free-flow with your soul mate later in the day, says a beaming Ganesha.

Gemini : There are indications that you will get into a deep thinking mode today, feels Ganesha. Your craving for a little pleasure will get satisfied. You’ll perform well at work, but it wouldn’t come close to what you will achieve back home.

Cancer : You will be dying to take a break today, and go on a brief pleasure trip with your sweetheart. However, it won’t be possible. So in the afternoon, you will have an extended lunch break, making plans for a future trip. A vacation is all you can think of today. Your work may suffer a little, but you will more than make up for it.

Leo : Today, you will most certainly pay close attention to your personal appearance, says Ganesha. After all, no one ever said looking good was a crime. At work, you shall find the resources to dig up a successful business tactic. If you are a job aspirant, an interview in the evening shall go well. Spend some time with your partner — it takes little on your part, and will go a long way in strengthening your relationship, says Ganesha.

Virgo : The fairer sex will find pleasure in both the kitchen and the dining table. Expect to host the closest in the evening for some food and drinks. You might just go all mushy and gaga over your beloved too, says Ganesha. Not that they would mind.

Libra : Ganesha says you will be able to get good news from abroad, which will prove beneficial to you after a long time. If you are a businessman do not be in any hurry to fill any tenders or sign any agreements. Ganesha says always remember – Prevention is better than Cure.

Scorpio : The itch of love will spread like a rash today. Passion will set you ablaze, says Ganesha. At work, the course of things may shift to being better than before. However, in love relationships, cold logic will rule over intense emotions. But sweat not in the heat of love, and find the poignancy hidden within, advises Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Logic and reasoning will shape your day today. You remain confident of better things to come in the future. Your cubicle may offer stress and tension, but all of that will be swept away by the showers of love and affection of your dear ones. Keep that smile and your chin up, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : You will love to play God today, and may make use of every tactic of the power game to yield the desired results, says Ganesha. A clear thought process and non-judgemental attitude will show you a new direction to life, but you will have to be focused to meet success. Going by your instincts will not do you any harm unless, of course, you are up to something suicidal.

Aquarius : Today, you will blow hot and cold. Hence, no one will know what to expect from you. This will throw your rivals off balance, keeping you a step ahead of them. At work, you will finally win recognition and respect. Ganesha wants you to be satisfied for now, and wait for a better tomorrow.

Pisces : In times of adversity, it is your loved ones who will stand you in good stead, and it is your patience and persistence which will get you home. Your actions today will demonstrate your dedication and sincerity to the job at hand, says Ganesha.