Tuesday June 23-2020

Aries : Today, you may want to express your artistic streak. Hence, you may either decide to paint the walls of your house in vibrant colours, or touch up some old unused furniture in art deco style. You may even get nostalgic about an old matchbox collection and decide to restore it. Ganesha encourages all such fulfilling activity.

Taurus : It is quite possible that today, you will remain decisive and determined on new joint ventures, predicts Ganesha. The results may fall below your expectations in the afternoon. Fight off stress with a candlelight dinner with your sweetheart, says Ganesha.

Gemini : A day when you get the opportunity to show what stuff you are made of. By afternoon, you will be in your elements and will feel almost invincible. Your optimism will rub off on your colleagues and the atmosphere at the workplace will be nothing short of electrifying, says Ganesha. Also, you will attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. The evening will culminate into a passionate affair.

Cancer : Today you are likely to be full of enthusiasm, both at work and home, predicts Ganesha. At work, your convictions will get the better of other people’s vindictiveness, and your colleagues will come around to your viewpoints. But don’t take any critical decision without prior approval.

Leo : If you are the one who sets the corporate mantra each morning, then know that today, your mantra will be fabulous, and will be chanted by many in your organisation. Being a business magnate might not be the easiest thing, but you are who you are, and you are good at it. Your business-like approach shall come in handy later in the day, as you may launch new products in the market, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Watch you step, warns Ganesha. Trouble is lurking just round the corner and waiting to waylay you. At work, you will find yourself in a high-spirited mood and will be helpful to your colleagues. You might end the day in the company of family members recollecting the happy days you have spent in each other’s company.

Libra : Today seems like a good day to take a break and go on a pleasure trip to revitalise yourself, says Ganesha. Even on the business front, it will do you a world of good to take a break from the usual routine. This evening, you are at your best winning the heart of the opposite sex at social gatherings.

Scorpio : Today you are likely to remain the unvarying object of emotions and sentiments, predicts Ganesha. Your inkling for performing arts may draw you to take up some lessons in classical music and traditional dance. A romantic, candlelit evening with your sweetheart may be on the cards to wrap up the day.

Sagittarius : Simple living and high thinking, says Ganesha, will be your mantra today. Approach your work with innovative thoughts and diplomatic words. Later in the day, family, friends and relatives revel in the attention that you shower on them. Students will excel in their studies and marvel in leisure activities, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : The day will have a bundle of things to offer today, some good, some not so good. At work, you are likely to overlook the most obvious things, and come across some unexpected ones. But as dawn turns to dusk, a pleasant surprise may get you all pepped up.

Aquarius : Mixed fortunes today. At work, demanding schedules may drive you up the wall, and you may struggle to keep pace with others. Don’t be dejected, says Ganesha, these things happen once in a while. It is only after such a busy day that you can bask in the pleasure of a foot massage from your beloved.

Pisces : A good day is in the offing, says Ganesha. You are likely to receive news you will be glad to share and celebrate with your family. A few pending deals are likely to be finalised in the afternoon, and there are indications you will need to go off on a short visit for business purposes later on in the day.