Saturday   Sep 14-2019

Aries : Something unexpected may happen. Though you may not comprehend all that takes place, Ganesha says it is fine. Stay away from stressful activity, as you may need to go out in the evening. Put on the glitter and gloss, as some good music and dance are expected to come your way.

Taurus : The desire to rule your community, your neighbourhood is likely to get hold of you, today. Don’t get carried away by the idea and go bossing around. No one is likely to appreciate your acting high and mighty. Be sure. You will be creating a lot of enemies. Ganesha urges you to reject such thoughts and wait for the evening. A beautiful encounter with your partner or your sweetheart is distinctly in the cards. Do not spoil the day by acting in bad taste.

Gemini : You will desire to go on a short trip to escape the drudgery of your daily routine. You will successfully schedule and execute your plans for a fun-filled and relaxing journey. In the evening you will take up some pending work projects, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Ganesha says you will win over people with your oratory. So it will speed up your work. In the afternoon, you will get news of monetary gain in the office. Be on the guard, minor ailments may bother you, warns Ganesha.

Leo : Businessmen and traders need to be wary of their competitors. They will be jealous of your progress and will hatch nefarious schemes to pull you down, warns Ganesha.

Virgo : Today, you shall be in a receptive frame of mind, open to all ideas; yet the stubborn will rule when decision-making matters, predicts Ganesha. Organise and sort out things at work today. But in the evening, enjoy a fine meal and then, may be, summon the courage to pop the question, says Ganesha.

Libra : Ganesha says you need to enhance your knowledge and ability. To attain your final goal you will take the path of enhancing your personality. Toward noon there may be some issues that may trouble you but Ganesha says that these are petty things that happen in life and one should not focus too much on them.

Scorpio : Power packed day in store for you, according to Ganesha. Your flamboyant attitude at work would leave your team mates awestruck. Your energy level is at an all-time high, which would find its way to the dance floor in the evening. Groove to some foot-tapping music and dance as if there’s no tomorrow.

Sagittarius : The bossy nature of your soul mate is likely to put you off. At work, you may find yourself helpless and left scratching your head. Ganesha advises and foresees you sitting together with your beloved and resolving all your differences.

Capricorn : Generally, you are a calm and composed person. People around you are in for a great surprise as today you will burst out with anger. It is probably just not your day, so don’t enter into any kind of war of words. Think before you speak and see before you leap to avoid making any serious mistakes, advises Ganesha.

Aquarius : Friends – the pillars of your life are going to be your constant companions for the day. Ganesha suggests you come out of your shell and tread new paths. Bring the vibrant side of your personality to the fore and see the difference you make in every one’s life.

Pisces : You will find happiness on the relationship front as you and your life partner find common ground to unite and chain your differences to provide you with marital bliss. Compromise and adjustments are mandatory in every relationship, yours will be not exception but at the end of the day what matters is what you have and not what you let go. You will find clarity on the work front and it will be no cause of worry as you shall achieve your goals with ease.