Friday Aug 23-2019

Aries : You may be spoilt for choices today! Contemplating a change of job, business, or even a relationship? Consider long-term implications before you commit to anything, says Ganesha. A romantic evening is on the cards.

Taurus : Unless you mind your moods and manners today, you are likely to hurt, and lose, a lot of friends, fears Ganesha. Your thoughts and feelings will be unduly unsteady and unpredictable. It may not always be possible to maintain your calm, to stay in control. A change of scene could be the right way to deal with the situation. A trip or an outing with your close ones could keep you happily distracted and see you through he day.

Gemini : It is quite likely that you will pay attention to cultural and social activities today, predicts Ganesha. There may be new business proposals in the afternoon. You will consider investing your money in mutual funds or life insurance policies. You may also open a post office account or fixed deposit.

Cancer : You get full co-operation of Dame Luck, says Ganesha. You will plan a new business strategy to achieve success. Kids will benefit as also profit and prestige is indicated from your father’s side, too. Hopes of foreign travel may blossom. Today you feel a unique sense of joy and zest for life.

Leo : Dashing off in a mad rush never got anyone anywhere. Hence, Ganesha advises you to slow down a bit on this cheerful day. On the business front, you may be slightly concerned about the state of your finances; after all, a smooth functioning of one’s enterprise largely depends on the flow of money. Apart from this, Ganesha finds you cultivating a new interest in jewellery and arts. Are you going to contemplate buying a masterpiece tonight? Wait and see!

Virgo : In the sea of relationships, you may just chance upon the one port you were looking to dock. But weigh your options carefully before forging a bond of love, warns Ganesha. Later in the day, you may think twice about continuing your current job. Romance will brew quite steadily, hopes Ganesha.

Libra : Sharing is the key to joy, and today, you shall be unlocking many doors with that key as you reveal your innermost feelings. Share them unabashedly with your family members. You are backed up with high energy levels that will soar as the day proceeds. This will enable you to show that special interest while interacting with peers at work. Your better half will bring you good luck today, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : In all likeliness, you shall be unreasonably tentative and curious. Professionally, seek out tougher challenges. You shall shower love and affection on your loved ones today. Those awaiting for wedding bells to toll might hear some good news, predicts Ganesha.

Sagittarius : When Ganesha says – Perfect – He is talking about your planning skills and implementation. Today, due to systematic planning you will be able to deliver as per expectations and achieve great results. Your intelligent quotient may just impress someone from the opposite sex. However, keep a good check on the moolah as you may end up spending more than your expectations.

Capricorn : A dazzling day awaits you today! From meeting some reliable people to taking commendable initiatives at work, you will be at the centre of everything, and will bag the appreciation of your mentors for your good work. Given that all this will boost your morale and self-confidence by afternoon, you will go a step further to bring perfection to what has already been approved and kept aside, says Ganesha. Free of worries, you will spend the evening at home with your loved ones.

Aquarius : You are not at a laid back person. You like to be active and be a part of the action happening all around. Now is your time! Take an initiative and grab the opportunity, after all, early bird catches the worm. Till the end of the first half of the day, you will be in a jovial mood. But, the mounting pressure of work may become difficult to handle. Learn to relax as it will help you increase your efficiency and be in a good mood, advises Ganesha.

Pisces : It is likely to be an extremely hectic day at work, but you will seize the initiative with some bold strategising. You will be busy dressing up for a party in the evening, to offset all the stress of a long hard day at work, says Ganesha.