Wednesday July 10-2019

Aries : Today, you may set out to please your beloved, and maybe even woo him/her all over again. There may be a bit of dissatisfaction regarding friends and relatives, but you can look forward to partying and new friendships this evening, says Ganesha.

Taurus : You may have a tendency to feel frustrated when the results are not the way you expected, feels Ganesha. You must still work hard and finish whatever you undertake today. You will discuss some vital issues with a close friend and relive cherished secrets with your life partner.

Gemini : You will be in the mood to pursue your heart’s many desires today. You will want to spend more time with your family and your children. You need to translate desires into action by better balancing your schedule, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will have enthusiasm for swift action. Variety adds spice to life. So you may change job or trade. Ties with superiors will be good. Ganesha says this is the time for challenges.

Leo : Easy come, easy go — that is the best way to sum up money. Try holding on to it, advises Ganesha, as there is a strong possibility that you shall incur a lot of wasteful expenditures today. Always think twice before you spend your hard-earned money. Remember the Grasshopper, cautions Ganesha, and learn from the fable, if not the life philosophies of the famous rich men of our age. Start saving something for a rainy day. As Buffet has said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Virgo : You are born with a talent for business. Your organisational skills too are flawless. Ganesha advises you to use all your creativity, innovative ideas and ability to motivate others to make progress in your business. Ganesha says you may freely express yourself and make full use of your sharp judgement.

Libra : The whole point of being a Libran is that you always have the tendency to be two separate things put together on a pair of scales that somehow balance. Ganesha feels that today, you’ll bring to the scales the stability of being your own master and servant. It’s a fine balance to maintain. But only you are capable of doing that, thanks to your extremely high-power status today.

Scorpio : You go on a shopping spree and that too with your beloved. This may be quite therapeutic for your for your relationship. You may be just happy to use your bargaining skills to the optimum. Spending lavishly, first on shopping and then on sumptuous dinner to treat your taste buds. What more one wants in life!

Sagittarius : A tiring day is in store for you today. Find yourself labouring worse than Hercules. The positive outcome would be that you would lose a few extra calories. But late in the day, a nice quiet time with family and friends would relieve you of all the stress.

Capricorn : It may seem to be an unusual combination, but you will experience pain and pleasure in equal measure today, says Ganesha. The errands you may have to run for at home will leave you exhausted, so conserve some energy for the rest of the day. Your wit can get you whatever you want, but it’s important that you use it in the right way and not just to meet your selfish interests.

Aquarius : Today, you social butterflies will set hearts fluttering! Also, whatever you have been working on will reach completion now. You do have a great vision, but you’re lost when it comes to executing your plans. Ganesha assures success if only you are a little more practical!

Pisces : While you may have a wide circle of acquaintances, it is only a select few who you bless with your munificence. And that is precisely what you will be busy with, as a day filled with socialising and leisure-filled activities beckons, says Ganesha.