“Great boast, little roast”

The proverbial saying could further be moulded as ‘no roast’ at all in respect of finalization of Jammu and Kashmir Communication and Connectivity Infrastructure Policy 2019. It is unbelievable that a ‘broad based’ committee comprising ten bureaucrats of the State could not do as expected in the matter within the time frame fixed by the Government.
How can the ambition of reaching the fruits of development , herein regarding communication and connectivity , to each and every village be realised if we have data about 325 villages still without mobile telephone services while majority of the Gram Panchayats have yet not been provided with the benefits of Bharat Net scheme of the Central Government? Why no serious thinking is appearing to be done over the denial of those services which are now considered as a necessity in communication revolution.
The issues regarding telecom connectivity must be resolved and while the said Committee was asked to complete the job by May this year, nothing of the sort appears to have been done. We expect that instead of being more considerate towards the said villages because of falling in remote and difficult terrains, total neglect by the Government is uncalled for. Even if commercially providing the services are expected to be not viable , the right to a mobile phone cannot be denied and a solution needed to be found out. In the meantime the Committee of bureaucrats must show its work done as assigned without any delay.