Homeopathy has answer!

Vasudha Vij
To live heathy life in harmony with nature is a difficult task in this era due to the changed lifestyle which is becoming increasingly unhealthy.
Our immune systems have become impaired and health problems are becoming more common in today’s world. In the present time where everything is polluted and complex we need a ray of hope which is rapid, gentle and permanent for our health and life. Homeopathy can nurture our quality of health and wellbeing.
Homeopathy is a system of medicine founded by a German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the principle that LIKE CURES LIKE which means that a medicine which is capable of producing certain effects when taken by healthy human being is capable of curing any illness that displays similar effects. In older times, it was said thatpoison is the medicine for poison, that is what homeopathy follows . The practice of homeopathy is based on certain fundamental principles. Firstly, the remedies that are used are tested on human provers to see the symptoms that are produced then these symptoms are recorded in detail and afterwards practically used. Homeopathy not only works on the organs of the human body , it works on that, Every individual carries within himself his own doctor , the healing power ,energy, life force , aatma which governs our human life .Disease is merely the disturbance of this life force. Homeopathy aims at correcting the disturbed (vital) life force so that body can heal itself. Most of the bacteria or disease can only effect us when our own power or resistance is low. Homeopathy aims at correcting the disturbed vital/life force. Pathy which not only treats you but cures you as well.
It not only removes your outer sign and symptoms but treats the inner dynamic of an induvial, the real root cause of the disease. Homeopathy follows the lawof individualization which means every individual is different from other individual in mental state, physical symptoms ,behavior, personal habits, hobbies, sleep pattern, occupation etc. These characteristics define the overall makeup or temperament of the person and homeopathy treats the individual as a whole. Every individual perceives each situation differently and reacts in a unique way depending upon his temperament , this impression is very idealistic of an individual that guides us to reach to the SIMILIMUM(the correct remedy) and to the path of cure and restoring the health and the way to achieve the higher purpose of life, for this homeopath enquires into the details of the patients present symptoms ,past and family history. We believe both mind and body are essential components to be considered, how physical symptoms of an individual are unique same way mind state also guides us to select the correct remedy and homeopathy deals with the totality of both.
The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians fotr the body and physicians for the soul although the two cannot be separated.
Concluding the point consider a tree in a disease state and you want to treat the disease and heal the tree,so what you will do to restore the health of a tree – cutting the branches , leaves , root will HELP???Or stopping the sunlight , water HELP???Rather then this, if we focus on treating the soil that will help .
Homeopathy works on similar concept of not only treating the signs and symptoms of the disease, but understanding an induvial in and out and treating the person as a whole.
A case of a female age 56 years old with the complaint of migraine and mild depression. She was also suffering from severe constipation on taking her case history , in her whole life she felt , injustice happed to her ,in every situation she felt she did everything for family but she has not got any love and respect from family.so her perception is her delusion which is the root of the case.
So she was given a homeopathic remedy which has this mind state, covering the headaches and complaint of constipation. she did very well with the medicine in all the aspects.