Homage to the founding Editor

It was exactly a decade ago when on this day, our venerable father and the founder Editor of ‘Excelsior’, the beacon light of fearless and true journalism in Jammu and Kashmir coalesced and merged into the eternity. Today, we humbly pay our emotional and deep tributes to him and while we deeply miss his rich guidance and even adjuration at many a time both in the capacity of our reverend father, as a teacher and a mentor of varied hues, the great measure of rich experiences, uncompromising high principles, ethical standards and professional richness of journalism left by him in legacy for us, are a constant source of inspiration and ever increasing balance to heavily draw from, comprising steadfast motivation to brave odds, challenges and risks in the noble pursuit of presenting before our esteemed readers all possible in respect of ”what, when, where, how” and the like, happening in our Union Territory, in the country and also globally.
We can recall to a larger extent, as to how our respected father struggled, worked hard, faced unfavourable and challenging moments, passed many litmus tests and built up this paper from the bottom line, proverbially and virtually brick by brick, to reach this enviable stage with largest circulation in the entire UT of Jammu and Kashmir as also in the entire UT of Ladakh. Not only this, even in Northern India, Excelsior had made its own niche in the vast area of noble but professional pursuit of journalism with a difference. The ever increasing response, the huge viewership, especially via internet and e-paper mode and the same showing constantly a steady rise is testimony of the ever increasing popularity of this paper thanks, of course, to the unstinted cooperation and patronage of our valued constituents without whom it all could have not been possible.
We feel, looking to the visionary S.D. Rohmetra’s thrust on excellence, sheer professionalism laced with true, honest, fearless and impartial journalism where the centre point would be spotless reporting and presenting things as they are and raising the voice with all purposes and strength with the quantum of due analysis as the readers want wherever required on various issues, our endeavours to fulfil his vision as enjoined upon us is sacrosanct and cardinal. To what extent we emerge successful and satisfy the expectations of our readers, to judge that , it is only the sole discretion to the extent of touching the monopolistic realms of our esteemed readers and general public. Their constant response and appraising our performance is resulting in our incessant efforts to do better in a mission mode.
We do not take the pride in absolute sense to be not only among the first but the only first in not only reporting but ensuring the same reached our readers prior to having the aromatic morning cup of tea. We incessantly endeavour to present information with critical analysis through our editorials and opinions and views on varied subjects through write-ups from different writers, professionals, journalists and experts in various fields and ensure that we maintain the standards, values and the relevance of the subjects. Delays and deferments, not meeting timelines in completing various projects, infrastructural issues, people’s problems of various hues from even far flung areas, administrative lethargies and lackadaisical approaches etc are regularly voiced and projected by us with critical analysis. Corruption, scourge of drugs and narcotics and environmental issues that are related to our very existence, are regularly dealt with by us.
Developments with regard to Delimitation Commission and redrawing of assembly segments were during the year meticulously reported by us as the recommendations of the Commission are of great import for the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Revival of the full democratic process seems to be on the anvil, visits of many Union Ministers on back to back basis to the UT to assess the developmental needs of the people were duly reported and commented upon by us. Pilgrimage to Holy Amarnath Shrine which is not only carrying its own importance of various hues but accelerating an economic process in Jammu and Kashmir, we keep on reporting minutely about it on day to day basis. Though militancy and related acts of violence sporadically showed some rise during the last three months, yet by and large, it is waning and dwindling about which we have been reporting impeccably. Our staff members working in a team spirit and in professional manner deserve all accolades who while attending to field duty to access to the latest around, invariably perform well. On this solemn occasion when we pay our reverential tributes and homage to our departed father, the architect of ‘Excelsior’, we pledge to strive do better, day in and day out, and incorporate in our columns vigorously and with the requisite thrust issues and problems confronting the people in tune with and in the high standards of the guidance of our father. We thank you, our esteemed readers, as you are our real strength and motivation.
– Kamal and Neeraj