Homage to Kargil War Heroes

Puran Chand Sharma
Indian soldier is divine and different, invincible fighter fully charged with absolute killer instinct for the decisive victory in the wars thrust upon us by our wily and traditional enemy since inception. As usual our intractable neighbour indulged into deadly misadventure in the form of Kargil war capturing our strategic positions by deceit from where they could easily keep an eagle’s eye on our National Highway.
It was a glaring case of massive breach of trust on the part of Pakistan. Govt of the times after conducting in depth analysis of the critically alarming situation ordered Army to recapture the strategic heights by dint of a well planned military blitzkrieg. The task was monumental and too hazardous. Enemy was pretty perched on the top and Indian soldiers had to climb from ground zero encountering flurry of deadly bullets. But our war heroes were fully charged to take on the foxy opponents. Full throttled ‘Operation vijay’ was launched to retrieve the illegally occupied Indian soil in the Kargil Distt from 3.5.1999 to 26.7.1999. The war was won lock, stock and barrel.
The grateful nation extends heartfelt tributes to the kargil martyrs inclusive of valiant young soldiers and officers who grimly fought risking their lives for the country. Brief account of daring deeds of few prominent heroes of ‘OPERATION VIJAY’ is reproduced hereunder in their sweet remembrance and as a mark of warm reverence to the martyrs on the grand occasion of 23rd VIJAY DIVAS :-
CAPT. VIKRAM BATRA, PVC (posthumous)
Born on 9.11.1974 in Palampur,Himachal Pradesh to Girdhari Lal Batra, father and Kamal Kanta Batra, Mother. While proceeding to the battle field from his home he had spoken these words on being asked about his thinking process while setting out for action, the first time ” Either I will come back after hoisting the Tri colour or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure.” He was commissioned into 13 JAK RIFLES on 6.12.1997. His Batallion was ordered to move to DRASS sector on 5.6.1999 . He was tasked to recapture PT 5140 overlooking Tololing Nullah. He led soldiers from the front exhibiting brilliant military leadership and bravery, was instrumental in recapturing the said point. His assigned mission was over. His Commanding Officer was delighted on this victory and asked him to come back but he roared ” YEH DIL MANGE MORE” which was his victory signal and volunteered himself for another mission to capture PT. 4875. During the course of grim battle when Capt. Batra and his troops were storming towards the target amidst the showers of bullets from the top, Shershah (Code name) was grievously wounded but despite that he killed 3 enemy soldiers in close combat and lobbed a grenade to smash the bunker and eliminated the remaining soldiers. However, being critically injured he ultimately attained martyrdom while rescuing his fellow soldier and was awarded Param veer chakra , the highest and most prestigious award during the war times.Heartiest salutations to the illustrious Hero.
Born on 10.5.1980 in Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr, U.P. in the family of Karm Singh Yadav and Santaro Devi , he became the youngest person to be decorated with Param Veer Chakra in august 1999. His Batallion accomplished the herculean task of retrieving the strategic TOLOLING TOP on 12.6.1999 wherein 2 JCOS and 21 Soldiers were martyred. Yogendra Yadav was part of the Ghatak Platoon. When he was climbing with the help of rope, the enemy bunker started Rocket fire, despite being hit by several bullets and severe pain, he carried on the mission, crawled to the 1st Bunker, lobbed a grenade killing 4 enemy soldiers and stopping the enemy fire. Naib Subedar Yogendra Yadav was not deterred, continued fighting and destroyed 2nd Bunker eliminating more enemy soldiers, facilitated rest of the platoon to arrive and accomplished the toughest Mission of capturing the Tololing Top. Kudos to his exceptional fighting skills, bravery and patriotic fervour.
Born to Gopi Chand Pande and Mohini Pande on 25.6.1975 at village Rudha, Sitapur-U.P. While proceeding for the Action, He roared “If death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear, I will kill the death.” He belonged to 1/11 Gorkha Rifles. His assigned task was to clear the enemy troops for which he carried out series of attacks to push back the intruders confronting the intense enemy fire. The grievously injured dare devil continued the assault without caring for his personal safety that ultimately led to capture of JAUBAR TOP and Khaluber Hill in the Batalik Sector wherein he attained the supreme martyrdom and was awarded PVC for extreme courage and leadership.
Rifleman Sanjay Kumar belonged to 13 JAK Rifles. Born in March 1976 at KALOL BAKAIN, Distt Bilaspur, H.P. in the family of Durga Ram and Bhag Devi. He volunteered to be the leading scout of the attacking column tasked to capture Area flat Top of PT. 4875 in Mushkoh valley on 4.7.1999. When the attack progressed, enemy started Automatic firing from one of the Sangars posing stiff opposition stalling the Column. The lion hearted Sanjay Kumar fought valiantly and fearlessly at the risk of his life despite injuries killing enemy soldiers and leading his scouts succeeded in capturing the Area flat Top of PT. 4875. He was decorated with PVC for showing extreme courage, outstanding fighting skills in close combat.
LT. Balwan singh of 18 Grenadiers, MAHA VEER CHAKAR, Major Rajesh singh Adhikari, MVC, Major Vivek Gupta, MVC, ASC-2, RAJ. RIFLES, MVC, CAPT N Kenguruse, MVC, ASC-2 RAJPUTANA RIFLES, LT. KEISHING CLIFFORD NONGRUSE , 12 JAK LI, MVC, NAIK DIGENDER KUMAR, 2 RAJ RIFLES, MVC played a pivotal role in the victory of Kargil war and deserve special mention.
Apart from these top heroes all soldiers who were part of Kargil war living or martyred deserve our sweet remembrance and glowing tributes. They certainly rank among the greatest men of the world and are perennial source of inspiration for the upcoming generations. It is well said,” Soldier is an arbiter of any sovereign Nation.”