Hindi translation of Dogri books

Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Sunita Bhadwal is a well known name in Dogri as well as Hindi literary circles of Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. In addition to original works like collection of short stories in Dogri language and essays she has more than ten books of translations to her credit. Her Hindi translation of eminent warrior of Duggar Pradesh _ “Mian Dido” has been awarded by Central Hindi Directorate in 2016. She is also recipient of Senior Fellowship in 2016 from Ministry of Culture, Government of India
If we talk of translation then it is defined as the communication of meaning from one language to another language in such a way that the soul of the original works remains in the translated works too. It is not an easy task but Sunita has proved her potential as a translator on many times in the past and her translation works do maintain sanctity of original works.
Just before the Covid-19 had started hitting mankind all over the world and Lockdown was imposed all over in India and subsequently in Jammu too, the literature lovers were provided with an opportunity of joy with the release of two translation works of Sunita Bhadwal each in Hindi & Dogri.
Chetende De Chabare Cha
“Cheten De Chabare Cha” is actually a Dogri translation of English collection of personal essays entitled _ ” Musings from my Attic ” written by Darshan Darshi, an eminent English and Dogri writer having been awarded prestigious Sahitya Academy award for his collection of Dogri Poetry_ “Kore Kaakal Korian Taliyan” in 2006. It carries 39 essays covering different aspects of his life experiences.
Darshi who is a retired administrator, having served as Director School Education also and presently Convener Dogri, Sahitya Academy New Delhi has tried to touch different moments of life that have played a vital role in his life and find a special place in his memories. The essays are quite informative and thought provoking which compel us for self analysis and our role in our society. Bhasha Koi Seb Nei Hondi, Janam Pandulipi Da, Kripya Matrabhasha Nei, Tus School Ki Ounde O, Darbar Move Di Peedh te Nand, Prerana Vidhi, Peha Bolda Ae, Keh Khushi Bikau Ae etc. all other essays are very interesting and not only amuse the readers for the contents therein but leave an everlasting impact too. The situations are familiar ones and so are the characters. The credit goes to writer for penning down the essays in such a creative way that readers find it unique experience. Although Darshi might have compiled self experiences in these personal essays but they touch the innermost of readers thus realizing them that certain incidents are eye opener on certain issues.
The essays have been translated into Dogri language very skilfully by Sunita Bhadwal so that the flavour of original essays remains intact and only the expression changes from language point of view. The selection of words is amazing that makes the book a worth reading in Dogri Language also. It’s a welcome addition to translated works in our mother tongue and should grace the bookshelves of readers. Those who have read the English edition will enjoy going through the original work in sweet Dogri language also. The cover page is attractive and cost is bearable.
Vartmaan Ki Tasveer
“Vartmaan Ki Tasveer” is a collection of Dogri Poems entitled “Vartman Da Chittar” written by Mohan Singh , a celebrated Dogri writer having been awarded prestigious Sahitya Academy Award for his collection of plays_ “Apni Dafli Apna Raag” in 1991. The book contains 51 poems and preface by two prominent names of Dogri and Hindi literature Padma Sachdeva and Ved Rahi.
Mohan Singh is a revolutionary poet and this collection also reveals the same approach of the poet. But poems on celebrated poets of mother tongue Dogri like Ved Pal Deep, Kehari Singh Madhukar , Sagar Sarhadi, Padma Sachdeva tells about the poet ‘s association with these stalwarts of literature and his wish to preserve his memories and their impressions on him in his own creative way. The other poems like Sangharsh, Samya Badal Gaya Hai, Narco Test, Itna Asaan Nahin Mujhe Marna, Nai Hukumat Ka Pehla Din, Voter Nahin Hota Bachcha etc. almost all the poems reflect the mood of poet who wants to make this world an ideal one but evils in the form of dirty politics are big hurdles.
Sunita Bhadwal has translated these poems into Hindi language in such a way that the impact of original poetry is not compromised and those who are not familiar with Dogri language get an opportunity to go through quality literature that is being written in Dogri. The cover page is artistic and the cost of book is bearable.
It needs to be added here that the writers of Duggar Pradesh are gifted with immense talent. If their Works whether written in other language are translated into Dogri language and reach to masses then it will certainly help the mother tongue in having remarkable literature as a part of its treasure. Darshi’s ” Musings from my Attic ” offers an opportunity to dogri readers through its dogri translation “Cheten De Chabare Cha” to realise that the Dogri writers have been versatile in their approach. At the same time Mohan Singh’ dogri collection of poems “Vartman Da Chittar” translated into Hindi language being entitled “Vartmaan Ki Tasveer” tells a lot about our rich regional literature when it reaches to Hindi speaking belt.
Translations in both cases whether from other language to mother tongue Dogri or from Dogri to other languages is a must for helping in reaching out to different corners of world and mark an impression on the readers because with the books you move your cultural and traditions too.