Himachal Bridge Hit By Boulders Rolling Down Hill, 9 Tourists Dead

HIMACHAL PRADESH: Nine tourists were killed and several were injured after a massive landslide hit a bridge in Himachal Pradesh’s Sangla valley today. In a terrifying video, large chunks of rocks can be seen breaking off a mountain and rolling down into the valley below. The video shows a section of the bridge crumbling and plunging into a river after a boulder hits it.
“All the 11 victims were tourists whose vehicle got hit by boulders,” said Saju Ram Rana, SP Kinnaur, adding the injured have been rushed to a nearby hospital.
A team of doctors is at the spot, he said.
The rocks can be seen hitting cars at the foot of the mountain, kicking up a massive cloud of dust.
The weather office recently issued a landslide warning in Himachal Pradesh due to heavy rainfall predicted in the next few days. In the last few years, landslides have become a common occurrence in the hill state. (Agencies)