Hike in honorarium of SPOs

It was overdue, the Special Police Officers deserved it as they have been fighting militancy bravely and courageously in the State, therefore, have been given a hike in their monthly honorarium and that also substantially. The Union Home Ministry with special interest taken by no less than the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh himself in the matter, the decision was going to benefit nearly thirty thousand of them in the militancy affected Jammu and Kashmir State.
Chief Secretary has been informed about the decision and to effect revision in the honorarium in their favour from the date of issue of the order under reference. It may be recalled that the SPOs have been facing warnings and threats from the militants to quit jobs as they feel hard pressed and the hot pursuit launched against them by the security forces and duly supported by the SPOs is found to be yielding very encouraging results on the ground, the outfits at least want the pressure on them lessened if SPOs were not there in the operations. It is heartening to see that they have been braving all threats and even laying down their lives fighting the ongoing terror sponsored violence. If analysed in the perspective, the decision to adequately increase their monthly honorarium is timely.
Those SPOs having less than five years of service will now get Rs.6000 per month and on completion of five years, they will be getting Rs. 9000 per month. Similarly after completion of 15 years of service , the honorarium will be Rs. 12000. It is worth noting that the “maximum” monetary benefit received by them used to be up to Rs. 3000 per month which the present Narendra Modi Government raised to Rs.6000 thus doubling their honorarium. Needless to reiterate that the entire expenditure incurred on honorarium of the SPOs in Jammu and Kashmir is being borne by the Ministry of Home Affairs under Security Related Expenditure. The hike, however, was not going to be associated with any change in the terms and conditions of their engagement as SPOs.
Pakistan sponsored terror outfits have been issuing warnings of time bound “compliance” backed by fundamentalist rhetoric to SPOs engaged in the Valley to quit their jobs and “join the Tehreek” which finding absolutely no response resulted in the acts of cowardice by these outfits by resorting to abductions and killings. However, the propaganda of these outfits that some SPOs had responded to their threats “positively” by resigning their posts has been found false and motivated. Those few only resigned whose contracts had not been renewed by the Government.
Anyway, the step is commendable and it is expected that as a natural corollary this hike will not be proverbial live the last one but shall periodically be subjected to reviews and decisions taken for the benefit of the SPOs. It is hoped that the hike shall not only prove as a morale booster but records the fact that their services rendered with absolute responsibility is being noted and recorded and the martyrdom of three of the SPOs at the hands of the cowards recently has lent a superb credibility to the dedication and loyalty of the SPO force in the State, especially in the valley.