Help fruit growers

The State Government must do everything possible to allay the fears of the Kashmir fruit growers and traders towards any chances of incurring financial losses in respect of any comparative reduction in the sale of their produce on account of mobility limitations . Since the restrictions having entered fourth week in the valley and though decidedly relaxed and softened , yet fruit growers appear to be less optimistic . September and October months are crucial for the entire exercise right from harvesting apples, pears, Traill etc to packing to transportation to getting the sale proceeds thereof.
Some political leaders on the other hand, are trying to settle their political scores and are investing despair and fears amongst the fruit growers and traders in Kashmir which while the Government must take serious note of , at the same time it must also take some practical steps to see that the industry next to tourism did not suffer, even in the least. Arrangements for buyers and contractors from outside the valley visiting the fruit markets and mandis to make on spot and bulk purchases, must be provided with all the facilities. Developments in the entire matter must officially be shared with the media with data and figures periodically to counter and put to rest, any negative and perverted narrative.