Helicopter service to Bhaderwah

Much talked of chopper services to Mini Kashmir, i.e;  Bhaderwah has remained confined to papers and files of this Government . No steps whatsoever have, so far been taken in this regard resulting in the much talked about initiatives having made a mockery of themselves.  Decisions taken earlier about involving private players for creation of high – end tourism infrastructure too has yet to be honoured by the administration.
Bhaderwah needs no introduction in so far as its bewitching and tantalizing natural beauty is concerned but this replica of Kashmir is mired in the whirlpool of neglect and indifference by the Government. Opportunities of a big push to tourism are stirring in our face but not to speak of bringing it on a wider tourism canvas , providing high end infrastructure etc  but  no step worth reporting has been taken  at all.
No steps even in the area of raising up of required infrastructure through PPP mode have been taken to preempt shortage of state funds impeding developmental works. Investments by private players would result in a turnaround of this entire area plus generating more avenues of employment. What are lacking are bold initiatives and sincere efforts. No travel trade conferences as was decided upon have been arranged to impart importance and recognition to this   beautiful tourist place.
Providing chopper services has remained a fairy tale told to children for inducing sleep. The announcement in this regard was made by the Minister of State for Tourism, last year in the month of September. Conducting winter carnival on the pattern of Gulmarg, Pahalgam too has so far not moved beyond files and red tape.
Tourism Department, Bhaderwah Development Authority, Doda District Administration and the Tourism Minister need to look into the issue on priority basis.