Health insurance for employees

The Governor has scraped the much awaited insurance policy with Reliance which was dubbed full of frauds. It is a big set back to the Government employees and their dependants who are deprived of health care facilities for a longer period of time. There were such schemes in the past too but could not survive for long because of the apathy of the policymakers and the mismanagement of funds which amounted to millions to state exchequers. After a big interval, the employees had glimpses of hope, especially the vulnerable class of pensioners who needed it the most and now they are again on the back foot on this subject of their health care. Previously too, the group insurance policies were launched in such an unorganised way that by the time the people realized they were covered under such benefits, or before they could have the access to their health cards, a large amount of time was wasted and the majority could not avail the benefits because of the wrong feeding of data, lack of transparency and the ignorance towards policy rules and its terms and conditions. Because of the lack of consistency, distrust and unwanted unionism, employees were deprived of its advantages.
The issue of health care is of vital importance and it is the duty of the state government to ensure the wellbeing of its workforce. We have many such policies like CGHS, ECHS, ESIC and others where members and their dependants are availing the benefits of cashless treatment in the state of art hospitals on a contributory basis. Even the private sector encourages its manpower, and in some companies, it is made mandatory for every employee to register so the mental and physical protection of people engaged in the organisation can be assured.
So it is humbly requested to the state administration to review the health care policy for the state employees and their family members on the basis of merit and diligence.
Dr Vikas Jamwal
Kamdhenu Homz (Toph)
Akhnoor Road, Jammu


Kindly refer to the news item “Insurance Policy with Reliance was full of frauds, scrapped : Guv “. In this context I request to the Governor Jammu and Kashmir state to kindly cancel the Group Medical Insurance policy and instead of it enhance the Medical Allowance of the Government employees , pensioners and family pensioners from the existing Rs 300 per month to Rs 6000 per month keeping in view the present time multi-ailments, high cost of medicines, tests and the doctors consultation fee.
Ashok KK Lalpuri
45 Ajeet Colony Extn
Gole Gujral, Jammu

Without prejudice to VO recommendations in the J&K Govt employees’ Group Medical Insurance Policy scheme, may it be submitted, to kindly consider damage control measures, to save the employees’ and pensioner’s interests. If approved by the legal experts, fresh offers under standard procedure could be called against a proper Govt tender call. The concerned company could be given a counter offer, to undertake the scheme on the revised approved terms and conditions, and continuing it according to the outcome of the effort, instead of abandoning the scheme beneficial to the Govt employees and pensioners and adjusting the first instalment of the premium already paid/collected towards the policy of the willing contributors, according to the revised rates and terms.
H N Kokroo