The Headmasters Wellness Zone holds workshop on makeup, hair

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 12: The Headmasters Wellness Zone’ organized a workshop on makeup and hair, showing varied make up trends by their master team, Senior Makeup artist Bindu Goel and Kumud, Directors, Headmasters Wellness Zone.
According to Kumud, it’s good to be aware of the latest makeup trends, so that you can use the best available makeup options & use the products that are in vogue. Besides you have to be aware of the latest make up trends so that you can make a face look better then what the eyes expect and you shall also be aware what enhances your looks. Varied courses on self- grooming and professional make ups can be followed to be well-groomed and look confident.
She said the makeup trends change every now and then. However, the essence of good makeup is still the same that it must make u look better, naturally, she said, adding that The Headmasters Wellness Zone offers a variety of makeup products and style by sculpting and camouflage that makes you feel fresh, young and rejuvenated and best of all happy.
Bindu Goel added that sometimes tragically women go to low cost or low quality parlors which spoil their most important day of life by unbalanced makeup giving them a weirdly look. Latest buzz in the world of beauty is invisible make up done with high definition and air brush products, which needs to be very close to your natural skin tone.
Clinic Director, Barkha also gave a presentation on current makeup trends. She added that with good products and make-up techniques people of Jammu will have best of latest trends available in make-up industry at par with any of top of the line salons across the country.
The Headmasters Wellness Zone represented the models at a management fest, “Youtharva 2018”, held at The Business School, University of Jammu. Distinguished guests, Prof Alka Sharma, Director, The Business School, Prof Vinay Chauhan and Dr Rachna chaired the fest. Shikha Jamwal and Nikhil Sharma from The Business School co-ordinated the fashion show and helped to make it a success.