HC imposes fine on RTI activist

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Feb 1: High Court today dismissed a writ petition filed by an RTI activist and imposed a fine of Rs 5000 on him, for “wasting court’s time” by filing unnecessary petitions.
Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey dismissed the writ petition filed by Bashir Ahmad Dar, who had sought information from Revenue Department.
“The petition on the face of it is unnecessary. Petitioner has filed this writ petition, obviously, objected at satisfying his ego. He seems to be busy-body, who seeks setting scores by wasting time of this court,” Justice Magrey said.
Dismissing the petition, the court also imposed a fine of Rs 5000 upon him.
The court further ordered that in case the costs are not paid within the stipulated time, Registrar Judicial shall take action to recover the same from the petitioner as arrears of land revenue.
The RTI applicant had sought certain information and certified copies of revenue records from the concerned department. The information and documents were supplied to him, but he wanted to get information regarding extract of Jamabandi, Kohls, Vans and some other relevant records which were not given to him. And the applicant in this regard had filed appeal before State Information Commission (SIC).
“The information sought have been given to the information seeker except Jamabandi. According to Tehsildar such records have not been prepared as yet and after preparation of records the information will be provided to him,” SIC observed.
The SIC further stated that the information seeker has some grievance with respect to the land which he wants to settle through the medium of RTI Act.