Hazards of online teaching

Six years old girl child from Kashmir has shown that we are creating trouble for little children by our overburdened online teaching session and assignments. As we know due to lockdown like scenario in the entire country, we are running the online mode of teaching for our students. No doubt it is the only alternative for us at present moment to engage our children at homes .However there are lot of obstacles in this mode of learning due to unavailability of various digital devices and other gadgets. Because it is quite impossible for everyone to arrange these costly aids like Android phones,laptop and other gadgets due to poor background of our students. But still we are running this unique initiative across the entire country to mitigate the problem of usual classrooms teaching.
However there is ill impact of this mode of learning on children .Excessive use of such digital devices leads to addiction and other side effects on the health of children.
From last year, we are running these online classes on the same pattern of hectic schedule and overburdened teaching work.How many children must have been hurt by this design of learning.We also thank the Governor’s administration that they have taken this this matter seriously.In fact,it should also happen that when we make a policy related to children,then the suggestions of children should also be taken in it.
Shyam Sudan