Hassles of Living in a Flat vs PG in Bangalore

There are many people who migrate to the city of Bangalore in order to give wings to their career plans and make a life of their own. When they do so, for a lot of them, finding accommodation for themselves becomes a great task, often becoming a debate between choosing a PG or a rented apartment.

Before you weigh in on what to go for, it’s important to understand the essential distinction between both the accommodation types and the nature of services you can access. A rented apartment is basically space (it could be completely or semi-furnished or totally unfurnished) rented to an individual against a certain sum. By and large, the individual has the whole space to themselves and must manage daily living on his/her own. A PG set-up is typically a shared living space that includes some basic amenities like food, furniture, etc. and turns out, in some cases to be cheaper due to the splitting of rent per person. If you are moving to Bangalore, you should check out the wide array of accommodations that can fit the tag of best PG in Bangalore. From being more pocket friendly to having a better support system (in the form of inclusive amenities), professionally managed avatars of the traditional PG have become a favorite, scoring better over a basic flat/apartment. Here is a quick comparison:


In a branded PG or a professionally managed accommodation, you can avail of basic services like A.C/Cooler, TV, water purifiers, furnished rooms with beds, cupboards and work desks, common-use appliances, power backup, etc. You don’t have to spend money on purchasing all these things separately. In a rented apartment, you may have to set-up an entire space from scratch, often needing to buy your own furniture, furnishings, and some basic appliances.


Most PGs in Marathahalli will give you breakfast and dinner which suggests there will be no issue of overseeing cooking and subsequent cleaning as well. In a flat/apartment you might have to either manage yourself or look at a cook to help with this chore, buy your own groceries and even figure out cleaning support. This not only adds to your monthly costs, but it also leaves you with lesser time and energy for other pursuits. More branded accommodations have a chef on-board who looks after your nutritional needs and provides you with healthy meals multiple times a day. Also, the cost for this service is inclusive in the rent so you know your spending upfront.

Dealing with Bills:

If you are living in a managed accommodation, you don’t have to worry about separate utility bills, unlike in a rented apartment where managing everything and ensuring timely payments is your responsibility.

Living Costs:

In a PG you normally pay lesser rent (shared living costs get split among more people) than a rented apartment as the entire square feet rent is your sole responsibility. Additionally, a rented apartment is often amenable to families, who are also the more preferred tenants for most landlords as compared to singles and youngsters. In any case, in the event that you are searching for an option that fits your spending plan, is beautiful and well-planned, takes care of a host of comforts, you should go for managed accommodations. These are branded, high-quality PG-style space where your daily necessities and requirements are conveniently delivered. Also, their properties are consumed in a way that matches the needs of today’s generation.

So, if you are looking for a holistic, hassle-free solution to your daily living needs, you know what to choose.