Hari Chaitnya Puri addresses grand religious gathering

Swami Hari Chaitnya Puri Ji addressing religious gathering at Parade in Jammu on Thursday.
Swami Hari Chaitnya Puri Ji addressing religious gathering at Parade in Jammu on Thursday.

*Kavinder, Sat Sharma attend prog

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 13: Famous religious personality, Shri Shri 1008 Hari Chaitnya Puri Ji Maharaj addressed a grand religious gathering at Parade Ground here today.
While delivering religious sermons at Parade this evening, Swami ji said ” cult and sect can be different among the human beings but the religion is the same, which is humanity. The paths can be different but the destination for all is the same.”
He said God has shed blood in our veins and let it flow in the nerves only. Do not shed the rivers of blood. He said the religion gives us the message of nationality, ethics, humanity and cross-cultural harmony. Those who teach fighting among themselves or give a message of violence cannot be the true followers of the religion. Religion does not break but unfortunately today people are trying to break the same in the name of religion. He said religious science is not a deceit. Religion and science are complementary to each other. Religion without science will also become the cause of destruction of development.
Swami Ji said today the rituals of religion are increasing but the behavior is not increasing as much, whereas, religion is not a matter of ritual but a matter of conduct. Religion becomes an integral part of life. Religion due to every activity will not be able to enter the lives of the evils, distortions and disorders that are in the society.
He said that love is a very small word, if it is true, then even if the owner of the whole world is in control of it, then there is no big deal. Love is God, God is love. If that love is pure, selfless and pure, such pure, selfless, pure love is the nature of God. He said human mind can be controlled only by religion and spirituality. That is why a man without a religion has been called an animal equivalent. Due to the absence of people from the religion of the people, the shortage of humanity has also started to appear. ” We need to change the vision of people to change society. Before rectifying someone, we must improve ourselves.”
He said that the love of forgiveness increases the love of affection and forgiveness. Forgiveness is not a heroic jewel of graves. If you want to move on the path of Saturn, then follow the virtues of forgiveness, compassion, generosity, kindness and grace.
Former Dy Chief Minister and MLA Gandhi Nagar Kavinder Gupta, former Minister and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma and former minister Priya Sethi also attended the program.