Hardships to pensioners


As per the Finance Department’s order the pensioners have to approach the concerned office from where they got superannuated to get their documents forwarded to the concerned treasury for onwards fixation of Pension by Accountant General, which is a lengthy and time consuming process. Most of the pensioners have superannuated from far flung areas away from their hometown and it is not possible for pensioners/family pensioners to visit them personally. It is unfortunate such orders are being issued sitting in AC rooms without realizing the factual position of the retirees. If the Government is serious to redress the grievances of hapless pensioners, the pension should be fixed by formulation – I by multiplying factor 2.67 instead of 2.57 by the concerned bank.
P K Bakshi
Retd Lecturer
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu



It is easier to have cooked food than to cook and have it. Certainly, asking for copies of the PPOs/revised PPOs and details through the prescribed form to facilitate the process of fixation by the AG, but making the authentication of the documents mandatory is troublesome and beyond reach of those retirees having DDOs in the districts other than their own. It is no exaggeration to state that all pensionary documents/orders originate from the AG’s office itself, and asking details from the individuals, appears like carrying coal to the new castles.
Since the pensioners/family pensioners who are incapacitated to undertake journeys, must be exempted from the process of authentication of the documents. It may not be superfluous to mention that if the details required are obtained from the banks concerned who keep such documents for payment purposes, the panorma of run and hurry and confusion will cease to exist and the grey haired pensioners would no longer be troubled and harassed. What is administratively unsound, can not be morally justified.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)



To benefit the pensioners, the Government announced two formulations for fixation of pension and the pension will be paid under the formulation whichever is beneficial to the pensioner.
While the banks have automatically enhanced the pension as per ‘Formulation-I’ but the pension under ‘Formulation-I” is to be fixed by the AG’s office and the pensioners have to process the case to the offices they have retired from. It has put the pensioners, particularly those in the twilight of their lives, to untold miseries. Some are too feeble to move while some others suffering from demnetia are not even able to recall their names and identify their children.
The State administration needs to review the issue in light of these circumstances. A mechanism shall be evolved wherein the banks/treasuries are authorised to fix the pension under two formulations and allow the beneficial formulation in respect of all pensioners.
Satish Pandit