Hailing Armed forces and State Police

No one could deny the hilarious and exigent role of our Armed forces as also the State Police they were playing to defend the people, not only from external threats but also from forces from within, who are inimical to unity, integrity and peace of the State and the country, working at the behest of a belligerent and bellicose neighbour which has been troubling us since 1947 and always found on the outs with this country for no reason or basis . Should only Heads of the Governments in States or at the Central Government admit the role of our valiant forces on events like the Republic Day, Independence Day etc while most of the political leaders in opposition should not do it even symbolically, instead blame them for manufactured excesses and for so called human rights violations ? While this fact must stir the conscience of the politicians, the fact remains that the people of the country love, respect and glorify the role of our brave hearts. Governor Satya Pal Malik on the eve of the 70th Republic Day, hailed our armed forces as also the State Police for working in extreme difficult circumstances.
Blaming Pakistan for continuous and unabated support and sustenance to terrorists and engineering infiltration across the Indo- Pakistan border , the Governor held the inherent bellicosity of that country responsible for disrupting peace and harmony in the State. It is again proven beyond any doubt, that repeated attempts to infiltrate terrorists coupled with providing them firing cover and shield to facilitate entry into this side and distract the attention of the security forces at the borders , Pakistan even resorts to repeated shelling on the borders. Border dwellers have to bear the brunt and sufferings on account of this unchanged contentious and aggressive policy adopted towards this country by Pakistan to which the Governor referred to, though without naming that country directly in his address to the people of the State on the eve of the 70th Republic Day.
The celebrations of the Republic would be incomplete and perhaps half hearted in case mention with reverence and pride, was not made about the supreme sacrifice which the men in uniform give for the sake of the country without asking any question , ifs and buts even for a second, ensuring our, the countrymen’s safety and security .In this connection , the Governor said, “We salute the brave Army and police jawans who have offered supreme sacrifices for maintaining peace and tranquillity in Jammu and Kashmir . The nation remains indebted to them.” It is also our abundant duty as beholden countrymen not only to remember their sacrifices but offer succor , strength and support to their families and try to bring joy into their hearts . Verily touching this point, the Governor said,…”All our thoughts and prayers are with the families of such martyrs and it is incumbent upon us all to bring joy in their lives , our hearts also go out to the families of the civilians who lost their loved ones in the wanton violence.”
Those who claim to be mainstream politicians and true Indians which no one would contest, on such events, sharing collective responsibility should unequivocally condemn violence and the source of fomenting trouble in Kashmir and put in all their efforts and energies to impress upon the ones who are misled and misguided and indoctrinated to pick up gun to ruin their lives and dash all hopes of their families to ground when they get killed in senseless and dastardly violence and such leaders should not add fuel to fire by either unnecessarily blaming security forces or the Government through their unsolicited Statements . Governor Satya Pal Malik expressed his anguish on the loss of precious and innocent lives due to mindless violence and said that “our hearts go out to the bereaved families who lost their dear ones , we shall have to strengthen the discourse of peace.”
Corruption is the second biggest scar on the face of the administrative system of the State and a decisive battle with zero tolerance towards this sort of “addiction” has to be fought out and the Governor having by now understood and felt the pulse of the system in Jammu and Kashmir, made no bones about “all need to counter this (problem of corruption) in the most concerted , cohesive and determined manner , there is the need of an institutional framework for this as a deterrent.”