Hague Court clouts Jadhav’s death sentence

Call it triumphing of India’s civilization (al ) cherished belief based on time tested legal, moral and spiritual grounds- “Satyam -ev- Jayate” or the truth conquers, The International Court of justice at the Hague has virtually indicted Pakistan on awarding death sentence to an innocent Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav and asked it to make , what the court called as “effective review and reconsideration ” of the conviction and keeping him on death row . If the directive “effective review and reconsideration” does not mean reversing the military court’s arbitrary and draconian order and setting Jadhav free , what else does it mean? Needless to add, the directives and the orders of the courts are worded quite learnedly and carry more meaning than what one could take on the face of it. If the considered view of the 16 member Bench of the International Court of Justice by a wonderful 15-1 vote does not mean a great and unexpected relief, if not great victory for India , what else does it denote?
We are frugal to limit the extent of appreciating India’s position at the Court to just ‘great relief’ though it in actuality is nothing short of a win win position. Staying on execution continues which is vindication of our position. Granting consular access to the persecuted Jadhav is vindication of India’s stand. Court’s total disapproval of Pakistan depriving “The Republic of India of the right to communicate with, to visit Jadhav in detention and to arrange for his legal representation” must rattle Pakistan of its mediaeval mindset towards the basic human rights and must learn , but sincerely, from India , a lesson or two on what human rights mean and what dignity a human is entitled to carry. Blood bather Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Qasab was not only provided with all the levels of judicial access and facilities but allowed the same channels of reviewing of his death sentences that would normally be provided to any Indian convict. In contrast an innocent Indian National is not allowed to talk one to one to his mother and his wife and the entire “meeting” was seen how sham, counterfeit and pretended it was all about.
How could Pakistan trample over basic human rights by not even formally informing this country for more than 21 days that they had (illegally ) arrested Jadhav which is tantamount to booting the International convention and the accepted protocol between the countries, was not only observed by the Bench but the entire international community and this observation of the court literally means , perhaps pulling Pakistani’s ears hard if not pillorying it. A country whose hands are soaked with innocents’ blood at Mumbai, Pulwama, Delhi and other places , the one that shelters terror mongers like Bin Laden, Dawood, Hakkani and others, must at each and every international forum get due drubbings only for the purposes of changing its heart and mind .
It is amazing, astonishing and quite laughable to watch the reaction to the International court’s orders by the media of Pakistan who are keeping the gullible and ill informed Pakistani public in complete dark and deny to them the facts about how Salve , the Indian legal expert presented India’s case , argued on facts and cogent grounds, blasted each and every assumed and manufactured contention of Pakistan and how the Court asked it impliedly to annul death sentence of Jadhav to let him go home honourably. Going through the ‘headlines’ of the Dawn, the Nation, Pakistan Today and other papers, one would only say, who believes Hitler’s pet – Joseph Goebbels was dead , at least his propaganda mill ?