Guru Gyagi and his teachings

About one hundred and twenty four years ago an elementary combination appeared in the birth of a human child at village Smailpur (Near Nagbani in Jammu). This divine being was named as ‘GYAGI’ who proclaimed his great message of love, service and devotion to all people of all lands and faiths. He believed in the doctrine of Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man. He regarded all human beings as belonging to a single family and there was no question with him as to who was better or worse. All persons are equal in the eyes of God and all those who believe in Him as the Supreme Truth. There may be several paths to reach the truth but it is essential to follow the path correctly.
Guru Gyagi did not place before people any different thing and religious dogmas. His teachings were simple and could be understood by the ordinary men in the street. It did not require any Pandit to explain the intricacies of the Guru. The Guru lived among the people and preached in their own language.
According to Gyagi, this world is due to kindness of God. Before its formation, there was darkness. Neither there was moon nor sun, neither day nor night, neither hell nor heaven. Everywhere was only God and God. God created the world with His own consent and placed it in the sky. When was world created, which century, whether was created in the night or day, neither Pandit knew nor Moulvi. It is the Creator who knows better and there is none that can claim equality with Him. He is all powerful and omnipresent. He is merciful and kind to all the living being, one should have true faith in Him.
Guru Gyagi laid emphasis on the True Name. He said the true Name is nothing else but God Himself, the creator and preserver. There is nothing true in the world except God Himself and so one should only worship Him and none else.
The word Guru is coined by two letters ‘Gu’ means ‘amalgamation’ and ‘Ru’ means ‘Soul’. An organism amalgamated with soul is called Guru. According to Hindi version ‘Gu’ means ‘Dark’ and ‘Ru’ means ‘Light’. A person leading the pupil from dark to light is called Guru. Without Guru one cannot see light inside. Outside light is seen by eyes but eternal light is felt due to the blessings of Guru. It is just like enlightening another lamp. The soul has no colour, no shape, size, no flesh, blood no smell. Soul never requires water, food and air. Soul is an inexplicable gift of God to living being. Soul is a chetana and free from the pangs of birth, winter, summer and other phenomenon. To whom an alive person loves, after death the soul goes to him. It is an exact faith of all the religions of the world. The job of the Guru ends not even after death. The Guru works like cukoo bird. The egg of cukoo resembles with egg of crow in shape, size and colour. Cukoo lays egg in the nest of crow and crow assumes them as his own egg and helps in hatching it. When the tiny cukoo comes out, the parental cukoo every time watches the situation and knows the tiny cukoo has come out. The parental cukoo produces his sound. The tiny cukoo immediately attracts towards parental cukoo with the help of sound. Something from the inner exerts due to which tiny cukoo believes that the sound producers are his parent/guru. Thus parental cukoo flies keeping in claws the tiny cukoo towards his desired place. Similarly, when the body dies, invisible soul wanders around the guru who watches his pupil every where, produces special sound. The soul has love for guru, attracts towards guru and then flies towards Satguru. Channels to reach up to Satguru -To reach up to Satguru, there are several channels in the way and without the help of the guru, no one can cross those channels. The guru taking his pupil’s soul reaches, the first channel, the black sea where the agents of Maan/Kaalpursh/Naranjan are waiting for the soul. The agents ask the name of the guru. The souls without guru can not cross the black sea and some finish there and some go directly to hell or some to heaven depending upon karma. Hell gone souls are treated very badly by Niranjan/kaalpursh and heaven gone souls have to take birth again even after sixty thousand years staying there. To take birth is the toughest job for every living being. The soul when enters the body and stays there for some time feels pain just like a man feels while sitting on hundred degree hot iron plate at a moment. The guru interacts with his spiritual power, himself becomes a bridge and helps cross his pupil’s soul and reaches the second channel which is somewhere barren land. This channel is quite calm, lengthy, tough but guru keeping pupil’s soul in his feet flies with spiritual power and reaches the third channel which is a dark, lengthy cave as small hair of the head. Here guru, from his meditations, gives, some spiritual power to his pupil’s soul and make pupil’s soul more soft, calm and himself becomes light of the lamp and guides to cross the last and dangerous channel and ultimately reaches up to the seat of the Satguru which is full of light where a body exists without blood and flesh. When a soul reaches there, it becomes free from birth and death and hence the peace forever.
Guru Gyagi thoroughly believed in the theory of karma. Only one’s own actions make or mar one’s future. If actions are bad, then the sins cannot be washed away by all the waters of the Ganges and if actions are good, not a drop of holy water is required by any man for his purity.
Guru Gyagi condemned the caste system in the severest terms. The narrow division of men into different castes in Hinduism did not appeal to him and he ridiculed it. According to him, “Castes are folly, names are folly. There is no Hindu and no Mussalman”. No one is born high or low. Man makes himself high or low according to his own actions.Thus Guru Gyagi preached universal brotherhood and in this new faith caste did not have any place.
Guru Gyagi was not in favour of asceticism and leaving one’s own family life. There is no use of hard penance and giving trouble to one’s own life. One should remain in the world but should not indulge in the evils of the world. It was with the aim in mind that all the gurus led normal family lives and discharged all functions as house holders. The idea of righteous living is meaningless except in the context of the community.
Guru Gyagi was also not in favour of idol worship because according to him God has no shape and no limit and hence he cannot be found in any form whatsoever. He cannot be worshipped in human form and Avtars are not the incarnations of God. Guru Gyagi, therefore, did no idol worship of any sort.
According to Guru Gyagi, the chief aim of man’s life on earth is to achieve ‘Moksha’ or the highest bliss. One should try to achieve a state of mind where there is neither pain nor happiness- a state from where the soul of man does not come to this world again.Guru Gyagi used to call meetings of his devotees in ashram occasionally for timely guidance. On February 25, 1978, he delivered a historical inspiring speech to his disciples: I want to tell you today specific instructions. I am not able to maintain the energy of my body. I want to leave this body after sometime and as such I am unable to guide you through human body. In future, I will provide my guidance while remaining formless. I want that you all work together to develop ashram to serve humanity and complete my unfinished work. More you serve, more you people get sweet and better taste of its outcome and the coming generations will be benefitted and they too will prosper. I am quite hopeful that you people have listened to me and you will act accordingly.
After sometime, this Minstrel of God, the divinely gifted guide and loving friend of mankind returned to the Eternal Home after having passed on his spirit and divine gifts to his successor Baba Barlaki.