Gulmarg’s glass igloo restaurants leave visitors in awe

A view of India’s first glass igloo restaurant at famous tourist resort Gulmarg. -Excelsior/Aabid Nabi
A view of India’s first glass igloo restaurant at famous tourist resort Gulmarg. -Excelsior/Aabid Nabi

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, Feb 2: The first-of-its-kind glass igloo restaurants at the tourist resort of Gulmarg have become a centre of attraction for tourists, who enjoy dining there while admiring the mesmerizing views of snow-covered mountains and meadows.
The Kolahoi Green Heights hotel in Gulmarg has constructed these amazing glass igloo restaurants to provide visitors with a unique experience. The hotel claims to be the first to offer glass igloos to the region after creating the first snow igloo there last year.
The tourists who visited these glass restaurants complimented the novelty of the concept and enjoyed the idea of dining in the gorgeous surroundings. “It is quite attractive. The Igloo Café is a wonderful idea. The restaurant is cosy, and the food is excellent. People ought to come over here,” a tourist said.
Some visitors were simply mesmerized by the views the restaurants have to offer. “Clearly, it is a different experience. I have never considered sitting down in a place this close to nature. The atmosphere is wonderful. The idea is just fantastic,” another tourist said.
Hamid Masoodi, the hotel’s manager, said that three igloos were built in the hotel’s courtyard following a Finnish idea. “These igloos had never been seen before. The three igloos that we built in Phase-I Gulmarg Gondola are quite popular with the tourists,” he said.
He said that imported materials were used in the construction of the igloo, which helps keep the interior well-insulated and provides the best views. “In the restaurant, eight individuals can be accommodated, giving visitors a distinctive experience,” he said
Masoodi said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the hotels were shut, he had the idea to construct the igloos. “One was made by us at home. Then we decided to construct one at Gulmarg. We came up with the biggest snow igloo in all of Asia at Gulmarg in 2021,” he said.
He said that visitors thought it was pretty spectacular and used to travel to Gulmarg primarily to see the snow igloo. “We constructed the largest igloo in the world at Gulmarg after noticing the interest of tourists. The response to the fiber-based igloos that followed was really wonderful,” he added.
He said reservations for the distinctive glass Igloo eateries are being made 10 to 15 days in advance, and business has been brisk.