Gulmarg Gandola incurring losses

For the last three months, Gulmarg Gandola is not in a functional mode and is shut resulting in heavy losses, estimated over Rs.10 crores to the State Cable Car Corporation. The interesting thing to note is that this Corporation, otherwise, is   having the distinction of being the only and the singular Corporation in Jammu and Kashmir to earn profits. Presently it is undergoing losses to the tune of lakhs of Rupees.
A problem in the shaft has created such a situation that it has resulted in the Gandola becoming inoperative. The troubling part had to be replaced which though detected in October last was attempted in early May this year resulting in the stoppage of the Gandola Phase 1. The Engineer, from France had to fix the problem and it is surprising that in our country, there was no engineer having the expertise of repairing the troubling part of the Gandola.
Two phases of the Gandola earn an amount of Rs. 24 lac on daily basis which is music to our ears but the fact that one Phase had to be shut on technical grounds looks unfortunate. Was the advice of the Company from France given last year to the officials of the Cable Car to change the shaft, hub and lifts ignored and not placing orders for a new shaft in time, needs answers and in particular, who could face the music of causing a loss of revenue to the tune of Rs. 10 crore till date on account of recklessness on the part of the concerned officials remains to be seen.