Grenade attack at bus stand

After a long time, terrorists have gathered courage to strike in the winter capital and that too in crowded bus stand must put question mark on the intelligence and surveillance machinery of the state government. This grenade attack on a police vehicle at around 10.45 pm on May 24 has caused injuries to five people including three police personnel. The terrorists managed to escape like petty cowards from the crime scene taking cover of darkness.
These terror elements have made a mockery of the liberal, humane and considerate gesture of the Central Government of announcing suspension of operations against terrorists during the month of Ramzan. Across the borders , their mentor too, Pakistan and its Rangers  have shown no regard of any restraint during this month and resorted to heavy shelling and firing in five sectors on the civilian targets causing deaths and injuries to people and their dislocation .
There is little significance or utility of tightening the vigilance and strengthening nakas etc post such attacks which should precede rather follow such  attacks. How could the terrorists, believed to be two or more, manage to reach the busy bus stand with grenade etc and jump the police vigil speaks about the levels and effects of such vigils . That no major damage to life and property took place should not cause any type of feeling of satisfaction but a warning to be more alert. Let the nefarious designs of terrorists to spread their tentacles in Jammu be ruthlessly frustrated and defeated.