Grenade attack at Jammu Bus Stand

The third terror attack in nine months, massive grenade explosion at busiest Jammu Bus stand claimed one precious life and injuries to over 40, three of them with grievous levels. The place chosen by the terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen being the most crowded in the heart of Jammu city had obviously two motives. One, to ensure maximum harm to life and property and second, to arouse communal passions, the latter fully frustrated by the peace loving people of Jammu known for maintaining communal harmony even under severest provocations. The blast could take place in spite of the state being in high alert in the aftermath of Pulwama terror attack is baffling.
While we appreciate the efforts of the state police in nabbing within hours the culprit, Yasir Bhat who allegedly threw the grenade and who accepted his involvement, at the same time we cannot sidetrack the element of complacency of the police which perhaps led to the levels of security and vigil being of average levels about which the perpetrators perhaps knew and conducted the attack. Daring by militants to undertake such attacks with intentions to cause maximum damage could have been pre-empted had there been an alert and vigilant police security cover of the area. CCTVs around the Bus stand are not only very much required to be kept installed but they being in operational mode is paramount. Regulating traffic and discouraging haphazard parking at and near the gates of the Bus stand too would make conditions for such attacks not that easy. We helplessly see the mess of haphazard parking and overcrowding of vendors and stationary vehicles all along the road.