Green Living

Ashok Gupta

Being green is more than buying ‘eco’, It is an commitment to sustainable life style.
For living green healthy life we need to create lifestyle that works with nature, instead of working against it, and does no long-term or irrreversible damage to any part of the environmental web.
To overcome the fear of global warming people are inspired by going green and living with green concept. Green living is a chosen lifestyle and is aimed to conserve earth’s biodiversity and habitats. Green living tries to lessen the impact of pollution and wastage by opting for less wasteful and environmental friendly lifestyle.
Green living is based on six principles:-
* Eco friendly homes
* Disposal of wastes
* Proper usage of water
* Clean energy
* Clean transportation
* Sustainable and healthy food
11 Green countries who are strictly following the concept of saving energy for future are Iceland, Switzerland, Costarica, Sweden, Norway, Marutius, France, Austria, Cuba, Columbia, Finland and India is at serial no 177 out of Total 180
Because of poor handling of air pollution measures India has slipped to 177th position in green ranking. The latest global environmental performance index (EPI) ranking released on the sidelines of World Economic Forum meet in Davos Switzerland saw India figure in bottom line in a list of 180 countries.
Going green at home is one of the first steps to a sustainable life style. It is where we stuff our faces and snore loudly and where we meet our loved ones, it starts with simplifying our life.
We can start
By putting Air purifying plants:- One plant can purify 100 sq. ft air of home. The list of plants that purify the air are:
Arica palm, peace lily, snake plant, cholorophytum, Ficus, Boston fern etc
Natural household cleaners:- we can use natural household cleaners such as white vinegar, Baking sofa, Olive oil, Hydrogen peroxide, Soap nuts, essential oils.
With use of organic pesticides almost all home pests can be avoided.
Neem Oil, garlic oil, Insect repelling essential oils, Boric acid are mosquito repellent plants.
Replace your standard lights with CFLs
Plant native and herb plants with this we will have a reminder of where our food originates.
Rain water harvesting to save water
Better walk if you need to cover small distance, it will keep you fit
Create a home made compost bin
Switch to appliances having energy efficient label
Turn off the lights when you leave the room
Check leaks in your taps, toilets and this will save unimaginable quantity of water in your green home.
(The author is former Joint Director Floriculture)