Grant State subject status

Refer news item ‘Madan asks Govt to grant State subject to West Pak refugees’ DE Aug 1.
One does not know why West Pak refugees are made to suffer by not providing  them State Subject by the successive State Governments. These people have already suffered much during these years. If the Government has a policy for rehabilitation of militants who crossed over PoK for training and carrying out anti-national activities, why it does grant citizenship rights to the these people who have relentlessly pursued their case with various political parties of the country especially  the Congress and the BJP.
In recent past, they have organised mass rallies, and peaceful protests to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards this human issue. And in turn they get mere assurances from the power that be and nothing else. Now when elections are round the corner, they will again come into focus, as political parties will try to garner their support. But the moment, the elections are over, the issue will again get lost in political drama enacted by our politicians.
Yours etc…..
Sanjay Sharma