Grades can’t define a student

Education is of paramount importance to every society and without it a society or nation is nothing but an uncivilized mass without any vision or direction. Education is one the institutions that makesup the social structure of any society .Education is the single most potent tool of development and inclusive growth in the country. But in the present era we are conditioned to believe that the way we perform at schools/colleges/universities is the way we will live life. We are conditioned to believe that what’s valued and important at school, college is what we should value and find important in life. The truth is, no one’s opinion can define our future. The truth is no teacher’s thought or assessment of you is final.
Remember grades are just one measure and matter when that subject matters to you.We are not defined by our grades. We are so much more than a grade on a sheet of paper for one subject. Our mental and physical health is more important than our grades. It is not that our grades are important, it is just they are not everything. The truth is we all have strengths and weaknesses. There will be some subjects that you perform extremely well in and others you will struggle with. Follow your intuition. Follow your heart. follow your passion, follow where that natural moments come to you. Because when school, college or university measures success based on grades and result, that is what disappoints us in life. Because life is not so much about the result. It is so not about the destination and it is so much more about the process. “Listen your grades don’t define how smart you are”. The number of followers you have in school, college and university and on Instagram does not define your work. And opinion of people doesn’t define your future.
Mool Raj