Govt ensuring adequate vaccines

It is quite imperative in fighting an entirely intricate and complicated threat to human lives – the COVID-19 – pandemic, now with its second wave with full rage and fury, that rumours were not spread, panic of alleged shortage of vaccines not spread and last but not the least, it all not made any political issue. World’s largest vaccine drive is underway in this country and managing this most dreaded threat requires dedicated efforts, cooperation from all and patience too . In respect of providing adequate doses of vaccines, it is the duty of the Government to provide the same about which the Prime Minister has himself assured the countrymen. Social institutions, NGOs, community groups, political parties etc needed to collaborate with respective state and UT Governments is what the Prime Minister has made known while discussing the issue with the Governors and Lieutenant Governors of the states and the UTs respectively .
“Janbhagedari” or peoples’ participation in the war against the virus, like last year, would bring out the desired results this time too which enjoins upon each one of us to follow religiously the precautionary protocol in the absence of which no vaccine , no medicine or no treatment would be as effective . Now that the Government has decided to import other available effective vaccines too and indigenous production side by side going on with full speed, creating a falsehood about shortages is unwarranted. PM’s focus on the three Ts – ”Tracing , Testing and Tracking” in respect of more and more testing needs to be given a proper heed.