Govt committed to provide healthy, safe environment: Jasrotia

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, Sept 14: Member Legislative Assembly (MLA) Rajiv Jasrotia said that the coalition Government is committed to provide healthy and safe environment which will never be possible without the sincere efforts of each and every citizen of country.
He added that these types of initiatives will surely help us to save motherland against the changing climatic condition. “Union Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been providing liberal funding to the State for accelerating developmental work in Jammu and Kashmir”, MLA stated.
He said this during a programme organized to plant fruit plants at village Barwal, Panchayat East, Kathua, here today.
The programme was organized by Dr Parshant Bakshi, Associate Prof, Division of Fruit Science, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu under his ‘Save Horticulture’ initiative.
While speaking, Dr Bakshi elucidated that there was a drastic change in the environment due to removal of tree cover. “Reckless exploitation of nature by human beings has imperiled the earth’s existence. Rising pollution, mounting filth, dirty rivers, a restless ocean and melting glaciers, all these are just due to human insensitivity and interference. An obsession with industrial progress has caused man to lose sight of the tenuous ecological balance”, he added.
He engaged all his students and friends for this social cause from every corner in greening the environment. He stated that this initiative was started since August 2016 and planted first plant in the Jasrota Temple. He added that till date, more than 275 plants of different fruit crops were planted not only in J&K but also in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.
Dr Bharat Bhushan briefed that these trees will also help to reduce the pollution level and make earth green.
Dr. Amit Jasrotia demonstrated the plantation technique to all the farmers.
Sandeep Gupta, HoD Rajbagh briefed the farmers about various departmental schemes.
On the occasion 300 plants of mango, guava and citrus were distributed among the local people with a request to nurture these plants as their own child.
Among others present were Rafiq Ahmad, Manpreet Singh, Preeti Choudhary, Disket Dolkar and Rucku Gupta.


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