God: The Judge of all beings

Arun Gupta
This whole world is the creation of God and all beings have been created by God. It is attributed to the good and bad deeds that we were born into as human beings. God also brings death to all beings, in order to complete the whole cycle which is solely based on the theory of karma of our current life as well as previous births. God has given us this birth to enjoy the fruits of the deeds we have done in our previous lives. We must have done mostly good and sporadically some bad deeds which is why we were blessed enough to possess this human form.
The human yoni is a double yoni because the actions we perform in this human birth are of two categories – the past karma and the future of us via rebirth. Other than human beings; we have the life forms of animals, birds, insects, etc. which are termed bhog yonis. The reason for birth in these yonis is that while accounting for their deeds; more than half of the deeds are inauspicious and sinful deeds, therefore instead of getting a human birth, they got the form of some other species.
If we talk about the jails of the country, then human beings are in the best jail, where there are many amenities as well, it can be called “A” class jail. Others like animals, birds, insects, etc., are in poniya-“B” and “C” category prisons where the souls are suffering according to their deeds. Grief in such a way that they have neither been given the intelligence to think nor speak like human beings. They don’t even have hands like us. They are usually shorter than humans.
God has done this law based on omnipresence, omnipotent, omniscient, witnessing all, based on the deeds of us humans. God has infinite qualities and deeds. According to the attributes God has many relative names. One of the names of God is ‘Aryama’. Sage Dayanand writes in the first series of his SatyarthPrakash book that the one who accepts those who do justice to the truth and is the true ruler of the fruits of sin and virtue to those who do sin and virtue, is why the name of that Supreme God is ‘Aryama’.
From this, it is known that God is the just and sole judge of the infinite beings of the universe. No creature or living being can escape from the true justice of the Supreme Soul. If anyone commits any evil deed, injustice, exploitation, tyranny, or sin, then they cannot hide from God and that person should receive the appropriate fruit of good deeds according to the law of God. The reward for a good deed and punishment for a bad deed is given in due course of time.
There is a natural question in the mind of everyone – Who made this planet, us, and subsequently when it came into being and why? Its satisfactory answer is found in Vedic religion and in the literature of Rishi DayanandJi, which gives a complete solution. A human is a conscious, little-knowledgeable, perishable, mortal, finite soul. God is the form of truth, formless, omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal, infinite, formless, unique, and the giver of the actions of living beings and the creator.
The human body is inert and is made up of the five material elements and substances of the universe. The body is perishable, but the conscious soul within it is eternal and immortal, and the body keeps on changing according to karma, receiving birth and death. The transformation of the body is under the control of God and it meets the Supreme Soul according to the actions carried out by us.
All the souls have been born in almost all the yonis according to karma infinite times before this birth and that cycle and tradition are endless and will continue forever. The catastrophe and origin of the universe will continue and our soul will continue to take birth according to its good and bad deeds by the grace of God, justice, and mercy and in this way, the process of creation-dissolution and birth-death will continue till eternity.
The world and creation we are living in were started by God 1.96 billion years ago. They created this entire universe and gave birth to all beings and this sequence is going on continuously since time immemorial. How the universe was created, the answer is that God is omniscient and omnipresent. Like a scientist, they have complete and proper knowledge of the origin of the universe. Before creating this world, they created the same universe for an infinite number of times and will continue to do so.
If we write an article every day, then it is inferred that we will continue to do this work in the future also. We are writing articles today, so the reason for this is that we have had to practice in the past. According to this law, God has created and is running this universe. From this, it is known that they have created such creations many times before and will continue to do so. Therefore, this creation originated from God because of its cause. The Supreme Soul has created it from the subtle material nature with the qualities of Sattva, Raja, and Tama, which remains under the control of God.
We are not the body but the soul. The body has been given to us by God as a means and tool for performing auspicious and virtuous deeds. We have to make good use of it according to the feelings and expectations of God. God is our master and we are the servants. There is a pervasive relationship between the soul and God. God is our mother, father, teacher, king, and judge.
The stages of a child, adolescence, youth, old age, etc. are coming into our bodies. All these are God’s gifts and arrangements. In the world, this principle exists from the beginning of the creation that the one whose birth has taken place, their death and destruction will surely happen. All of us have to die. We should think about what will happen to our souls.
The answer is that we will be reborn and the basis for this will be the actions of our life that we have to enjoy. The rites of both virtue and sin reside in our souls and are also present in the knowledge of God. Without enjoying the fruits of all our actions, our actions will not be capable. We will get happiness from the result of good deeds and we will have to suffer from bad and sinful deeds. God is the judge. No action of a soul has ever escaped his holy sight.
The actions of both the previous birth and this birth can be due to the sorrows that happen in our life. The scholars of Vedic religion and Arya Samaj have been keeping full faith in the principle of karma. There is no option for this. Most of the people of the country and the world, who ignore the principle of Karma-Fal, because of their ignorance, also have to bear the fruits of their deeds. If one who works with a vision knows the secret of the fruit of karma, then they will renounce all violence.
We commit sinful deeds only when we do not have the knowledge of the sorrows caused by those actions. There is an old incident near Panipat. Arya Samaj scholar Ganapati Sharma was reciting a story in a temple during the period of independence. The real story was about a prize dacoit who was going to do a robbery. Those who were saying that the kind of action a man does, he must suffer the fruits of it. One cannot escape the fruits of karma. These words fell in the ears of the robber. He stopped his companions from carrying out sinful actions and came to the temple to listen to the Panditji.
At the end of the story, he asked the Panditji several questions and sought answers for them. He asked whether his bad deeds would not be adjusted to the good deeds of his charity. Panditji explained to him that the fruits of good deeds have to be experienced separately and the fruits of bad deeds separately, so he understood the matter and stopped robbing forever, and started doing the works of righteousness. Karma-fruit theory is a true, realistic, and practical theory. A pure, selfless, and pure-hearted person can easily know this.
God is truly an almighty impartially unique Judge. Those who wish for happiness in the future and future births should self-study the Vedas and other holy books, worship God and do noble deeds. It is certain that whatever action we do, we will definitely have to bear the fruits of it in after birth, and God will do whatever is necessary for it.
(The author is Assistant Vice President (Retd.) J&K Bank and presently the President of Arya Samaj Dayanand Marg, City Chowk, Jammu.)