Go further to get closer

Karanvir Gupta
Yes, it is that time of the year again which brings in love all around. Some people discover their love, some find their lost love and some are still looking for it. Irrespective of which phase we are in, love has all of us stuck into the beautiful feeling at some point of our lives. They say with changing times, everything changes. Situations change, people change and our priorities change too. True! But I believe how a person feels when he or she is loved by somebody doesn’t change at all.
While the younger generation has more “exposure” in the field of love, I feel bad for the older generation for whom the love was always a by-product of a relationship. For them relationship was seldom a product of love. It might have sounded alright years ago but not anymore. This generation always have been burdened with responsibilities and duties and in the process it could never let them make love their priority. Office, Kids, Social, Office Trips, PTAs, Building things from the scratch, etc. Where was love in the list? Or maybe they were not wired to include that in the list.
However with the time passing by, love may or may not have bloomed, complaints definitely start brewing. Men start feeling that they are not their women’s priority anymore. They start comparing them to the other relatives who are more than a family now. They think things are not being told anymore to them. Men being men behave irrationally or let’s say start feeling insecure. Women on the other hand by now expect their men to be quite understanding of the situation. After all if in all these years, they say, love couldn’t blossom, a misunderstanding is not what she looks forward to.
So under such a scenario, where will love grow? Or will it ever grow? They need to understand that with time, the husband and wife are a team and both are on the same side of the line. There needs to be understanding in taciturnity. While I was thinking about writing this article, I chanced upon a video by British Airways India – Go further to get closer. And I almost instantly thought of mentioning it in this piece.
Yes, if we all could understand what our partners have done for us, it will be a great epiphany in our lives – of feeling called love. It’s absolutely fine to argue, debate but at the end of debate never forget to go to bed without cajoling. Hold the hands of your partner and give him/her the belief that we are one. Give each a shoulder to cry and let the vent out and you won’t be able to stop falling in love with each other. As per my understanding of this generation, it is more for men to understand that love needs to be nurtured. Or else they will be left with partners who do things for them out of duty and not out of love, which shall hurt and even more!
We all need to put in some extra effort and breathe more. Those small little gestures which we feel are not so important can actually make a whole lot of difference. Because as we all grow up, we need more of an emotional companionship instead of a physical companionship. Sooner we all realise, better it would be. Being an incorrigible believer of love, I have been writing on this day for last few years. This year I thought, let us write a message for our oldies. Now as you think for a while, go search for the video I mentioned and watch it. May be some love sprouts! Wishing all couples out there a very Happy Valentine’s Day.