Glimpses of varied aspects of life

O.P. Sharma
Name of book : Vichar Aaushadh,
(Essays in Hindi)
Author : Santosh Sangra
Publisher : Highbrow Publications, Bari Brahamana, Jammu.
Year : 2017
Pages : 160
Price : Rs. 400
The author of this Hindi book entitled “ Vivhar Aaushadh” Santosh Sangra has displayed her talent in yet another sphere of literary creative faculty. She achieved fame as a dramatist in a number of theatre, television and Radio plays and later switched over to writing and proved her worth in “Kali Ganga” and “Aantakaran ke Quaid” and carved out a niche in the literary circles. She has recently come out with this new book with 21 essays on various aspects of life.
The 160-page book has 21 chapters depicting wide-range of aspects of life and has put searchlight on various social issues prevailing in our social system. She has boldly faced the life and as an artiste with sensitive mind gained varied experiences. The essays are, in fact, pin-pointing the issues and problems in our society but an effort has been to seek and suggest possible solutions or way out..
Core Social Issues
The essays are Mahilays, Carbon Copy, Swarg-Narak, Vichar-Aaushadh,Sangathan, Jingi Gulgar Hai, Nap-tol, Pardarshani, Samasyas, Mahan, Bandhan, and Virasat which make interesting reading and have high educative and entertain value conveying a definite message to the readers.
Certainly, the writer has devoted much of experience, sense of keen observation and sensitivity to pen down these essays portraying her message. She has a particular view-point on the gender issues and given expression to her strong plea for gender justice and a call for uplift of women-folk especially in the far-flung and backward areas as also the under-privileged vulnerable sections of society. She has pleaded the case and cause of weaker segments of our society. She has sought immediate attention to all issues and sought prompt social action sooner than later.
Impressive Work
The Foreword has been penned down by Om Goswami, Sahitya Akademi awardee and a leading literary luminary, has given the essence of Santosh Sangra’s book and opined that it is a quality work. He adds that it reflects the essence of life but holds key to solution of numerous social and moral issues. In addition, Dr Raj Kumar, another stalwart of Hindi literature, has also spoken high of literary merit of “ Vichar Aaushadhi”. While, Santosh Sangra, in her brief Note “ From My Side” has given a clarion call for tackling all the problems facing the people through concerted efforts for optimal results.
This Hindi book is an addition to the Indian literature and conveys vital message to the society to boldly face all the issues for overall advancement of the society with justice on social, economic and political spheres. The readers will benefit by going through this book. Santosh Sangra’s contribution to art and literature is admirable indeed.
(Starline Syndicate Service)