Glimpses of Duggar Art & culture

O P Sharma
Book Name: Jharokha
Author : Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Publisher: Maya Sansar Publications,
Suraksha Vihar Top Paloura , Jammu
Pages: 156
Cost : Rs 300

JHAROKHA has been a collection of articles pertaining to art and culture of Duggar Pradesh. The book that has the sub-title ‘Hamari sanskriti-hamari Virasat’ truly justifies the contents therein. It carries 38 articles that have been written on different places of historical significance like Uttar Behni, Purmandal, Sunnada Baba, Data Ranpat, Baba Dhansar, Jhiri, Ambaran, Jia Pota Ghat, Mansar, Suriandar, Jhajjar Kotli, Sukrala Mata, Kailash Dham, Raghunath Mandir, Amarnat , Sudh Mahadev, Krimchi Mandir and so on. It also has articles on ancient water life-line ,like ‘BAWLIES’ , sources of drinking water built particularly in remote areas and important rivers on whose banks great cities were built in the past like Suryaputri Tawi and Gupt Ganga, Devika.
Duggar Folk art is very rich. The folk songs are captivating and folk dances mesmerize the art lovers. These folk dances and folk music have something special that touches the hearts.
Wide-range Angle
Rajeshwar has tried to touch that nerve with his well-drafted and researched articles on different forms of folk art of Duggr Pradesh like Geetlu,, Jattar, Kudd, Haran, Baran, Bhakh, Phummanian, Jagrana, Chhajja Nach, Dholdu, Bajharatan, Karakan and so on. In addition to these, some articles revolve around what our culture propagates not only for us but for all.
The articles which are of much importance have been written in an interesting way which not only enthuse the readers but are also thought provoking. The writer seems to have written this ambitious book with a focal point of highlighting regional cultural heritage and mother tongue Dogri.
Rich Tradition
His write-ups portray the harsh reality that despite raising slogans, few of us are getting alienated from our cultural roots and we have many excuses to defend our ill approach towards our obligations. We feel still shy of talking in our mother tongue and feel inferiority complex for our traditions whereas the fact remains that we should feel proud of our rich heritage. A sense of self pride has to be there when we talk of our cultural heritage,
We need to mend our ways and show respect for our glorious past. The articles, in fact, inspire the readers to put in somewhat effort for reviving our past.
The articles written in “Jharokha” make us to realize that we have some accountability towards our culture and traditions. If we will not ensure to preserve and carry forward these from generation to generations, who else do take pain. Rather it should be a proud feeling for all of us to remain connected to our roots.
Peep into the past
The writer is of the opinion that it becomes our moral responsibility to work for our culture and language. The book JHAROKHA_ Hamari Sanskriti- Hamari Virasat is a small effort in much needed mission of exploring our Duggar Culture, traditions and heritage. It is, in fact, a peep through our rich culture and traditions to have a proud feel. But at the same time a sense of responsibility should also emerge so as to save these traditions from extinction. The point of concern is that more and more people should come forward with their innovations to start a feel proud campaign for our regional culture. It is not so difficult if we have a feel for our roots.
Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ has been a prolific writer of Hindi, Dogri and English languages penning down his creative writings for the last 30 years now. He has been contributing as an art critic since long and working on mother tongue Dogri and regional cultural traditions has been his passion. Through his write ups published in prominent newspapers and magazines, he has always made an effort to make his fellow Dogras aware of their rich cultural traditions. Till date more than 1000 articles on different topics predominantly on art and culture, 100 short stories and about 500 poems written by him have been published in different leading newspapers and magazines.
He has also written 15 theatre plays which have been staged.
About 35 plays and 05 serials written by him have been broadcast from Aakashwani Jammu. In addition, he has also written about 20 plays, 10 serials and more than 100 documentaries telecasted and broadcasted.
In addition, Rajesjwar Singh Raju’s 15 books including six in his mother tongue Dogri. Out of these 15 books, 04 are on poetry, 07 are collections of short stories, 03 on art and culture and one on essays on social issues.
After critically acclaimed book: ‘OF ART AND ARTISTS’ written in English now Jharokha has been his second book on cultural heritage and it is in Hindi language.
Interesting Book
The cover page of the book designed by Mrinalini Singh is symbolic and very attractive. The book is a high standard publication with good print quality. It has 156 pages and is prized at Rs 300. It is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion press also.