GKDP to take up issue of KPs genocide at international foras

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 13: Political Steering Committee (PSC) of Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) an initiative of uprooted Kashmiri Pandits across the globe, organized an interactive session of prominent Kashmiri Pandits here to deliberate on the new challenges and way forward for the exiled community.
Addressing the meeting Moti Kaul, chairman, PSC gave an overview of GKDP and its focus of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the displaced members of the community in 1990.
He said that GKDP was diverting its full attention in bringing to the notice of world community that how genocide of Kashmiri religious minority was perpetrated by malevolent elements of Kashmiri majority community under external prompting. He said the community is however appreciative of Governor’s administration dealing with separatist and terrorists in accordance with law of the land. For the first time in the three decade history of terrorism and fundamentalism in the Valley, the actors behind the sedition stand exposed, their network has been busted and their funding source chocked, he added.
Kaul said it is shameful that no mainstream political party included the rehabilitation of displaced Pandits in their homeland except BJP.
In his address Dr K L Chowdhary a well known author said that the GKPD will be taking up the case of genocide and ethnic cleansing strongly at the UN and other important world fora as well as reputed human rights organizations in different countries to build consensus of opinion on genocide of the Pandits of Kashmir. He alleged that while human rights violation cases of far less consequences were expeditiously pursued by Stae and Central governments , not a singly word has been said about the genocide of the highly threatened people in this part of the globe.
Prof K N Pandita a renowned writer said “it is a irony that in spite of the demand of the entire displaced community of seven lakh people , the State and the Central governments never set up any commission of inquiry to probe the causes and courses of the genocide and extirpation of a defenseless and unarmed community known for its peaceful and non violent behavior.”
K P Sabha chief, K K Khosa asserted that Pandits are the indigenous people of the Valley and they are the progeny of its oldest inhabitants from Neolithic times and as such the community has a strong and undeniable right over Kashmir -the motherland of KPs.
The members present while appreciating the role played by GKDP conveyed their unflinching support to take up the case to the international community so as to ensure justice for exiled Pandits.
Prominent among others present included Kuldeep Khoda, ex Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Advocate P N Goja, advocate Kashmiri Lal Bhat, M K Jalali, G J Kampasi, B L Ticku, Bihari Kak, Anil Bhat, Ajay Khosa, Prof B L Zuthsi, A K Raina, Dr Meenakshi Kilam and Aryan Ramesh.