Girl gets new lease of life

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 25: A four-year-old girl from Katra got new lease of life in SMVD Narayana Hospital.
According to the official, the girl was admitted in the emergency department of SMVDNSH as she had accidentally swallowed a metallic coin while playing at home and was in a complicated position.
“The parents tried to flush down the coin through throat by giving her bananas but unfortunately this act complicated matters further and family rushed the girl to the hospital”, he added.
During examination, the doctors were held up with two difficult situations, first, if there was any delay in removal of coin, it could get stuck in the intestine of the child and secondly, there was a risk of breathing complications as there were chances that the food particles may get into the respiratory system of child leading to respiratory difficulty.
After completing detailed investigations and examinations, the parents were counseled that the procedure will be done endoscopically. In a fine display of sensible and careful handling, the team of doctors not only removed a coin from her intestines but avoided any further complications too, the official said.
Gastroenterologist Dr Amit Basnotra who lead the team and was supported by anaesthesia team successfully removed the coin and the child was discharged in stable condition after 12 hours thus giving a huge sigh of relief to her parents who were in extremely worried condition fearing the worst.
“Removal of accidentally ingested foreign body especially in children is commonly seen in emergency situations but delay in its removal can lead to severe complications. Only efficient back-up and timely removal can safely prevent complications, home remedies in such emergency situations should be avoided as they may worsen the outcome”, said Dr Amit Basnotra.
Dr Brig MM Harjai, Chief Administrative Officer emphasized the need for seeking advice of specialists and super specialists in complex situations.