Generation of power through renewable sources

What an irony that Jammu and Kashmir State is having potential to tap renewable energy on a large scale , at No. 2 in the entire country, Rajasthan being at the top or at No.1 but no one in the Government has been serious about it to generate power , at least to fight yawning gap between the demand and the supply of power in the State. There have been repeated directions from the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for taking the tremendous quantum of benefits from tapping this source of energy but the same have been taken no note of, resulting in the continuous dip in the generation of power during the last three years. The Ministry has been no frugal in providing financial support too and has released an amount of Rs.150 crore for the purpose but of no satisfactory expected results.
It may be noted that looking to the potential of each State in generation of power through solar energy which is loaded with security, protecting the climate and ruling out chances of decarbonising power generation and being eco friendly , targets have been allocated commensurate with how much potential each State possessed . Jammu and Kashmir has, therefore, been allocated a target of tapping 1150 Mega Watts or 1.15 Giga Watt. The target is not very challenging but only a fraction of the available potential but the State has failed on yet another front having taken the issue quite lightly . It could be due to host of reasons, the main one being that of the Central Government having always been ready to bail out the state of power crisis whenever and with how much frequency it occurred, leaving little compulsive challenges to generate power through this abundant natural source which is quite unfortunate.
It is not only the question of having failed to come up to the expectations of the Union Government in this very important matter but proving of not being too eager towards generation of power to comfort or ease the load on conventional power supply. Would the State administration order for an overhaul and for toning up the concerned department to work towards not only meeting the current targets of power generation but making good the unachievable portions during the last three years as well?